Behind The Book: Peter Gebeshian

In The Fire by-Peter GebeshianOn the eve of author Peter Gebeshian’s release of  his follow up novel to ‘Journey to Love’. We had the opportunity to chat with him about life and the new book ‘In The Fire.’  

SGL BookLovers: What is ‘In the Fire’ about?
Peter Gebeshian: On the surface the story deals with the two characters, Zeus and Azad, forging forward in their lives and encountering the destructive force, played by the character of Jakar.

A deeper interpretation of the story is how we live in a world of two forces–one that builds and breaks down walls; the other that tries to tears those walls down and attempts to leave the status quo as it is.

SGL BookLovers: Why did you choose to bring back Zeus and Azad?
Peter Gebeshian: The prior novel Journey to Love had a satisfying ending, yet it was quite open-ended. There was still a lot of possibilities to the story that I was yet to explore. The result of the exploration was this current novel.

SGL BookLovers: What can we expect from them in this book?
Peter Gebeshian: Important choices the characters have to make. How do you react when life brings you into challenging situations? What is the end result when you lose your way and begin behaving irrationally? What kind of fire are you going to create in your life that will lead you to your passion in life and sustain it?

SGL BookLovers: Why did you decide to self publish, instead of seek a publishing company like Simon & Schuster?
Peter Gebeshian: I was a novice when I first began, meaning I was learning the art of narration and needed an avenue to hone my skills. Self publishing aided me in this process.

SGL BookLovers: Tell us about yourself? What was your childhood like? Teenage years? College years?
Peter Gebeshian: I was brought up in a middle-class upbringing. I was active as a teenager in high school and was part of a lot of activities. My college years proved to be a much more burgeoning period.

SGL BookLovers: Did you deal with issues with self acceptance and self esteem?
Peter Gebeshian: Hasn’t everyone? Yeah…I would say it’s part of the process of growing up.

SGL BookLovers: Who is your hero and if you had one day to spend with that person, what would you do?
Peter Gebeshian: I’ve always admired Toni Morrison as a literary fiction author and Dan Brown as a popular fiction author. If I spent a day with them, I would sit down and have conversations to get into their minds. Authors have their own writing processes. I would want to discover their own.

SGL BookLovers: What piece of advice would you give to a person who is unsure of their sexuality?
Peter Gebeshian: Life is about discovery and creation. Everything unfolds in due time and the answer is always in you.

SGL BookLovers: What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing depression or Self Acceptance?
Peter Gebeshian: Life gets better if you live wisely, and you have to remain strong and believe that your own perspective of life can turn around for the better. You have to do whatever it takes to change your negative attitudes because they will end up holding you back.

SGL BookLovers: I know you are a English teacher, What advice do you give to your students?
Peter Gebeshian: Everything is symbolic in your life and our lives are just as deep as the novels we read.

SGL BookLovers: Do you believe in a higher power?
Peter Gebeshian: Yes, I’m a strong believer in God. People have different names in their high power; however, the nature of the force is the same. It’s a very giving, wise force that we all have to learn to tap into.

SGL BookLovers: Do you feel like an outsider?
Peter Gebeshian: When I wrote my first novel Affluence a few years back it was a reflection of dealing with the feelings of being an outsider. However, things have changed since then.

SGL BookLovers: If you could have a dinner with 5 people dead or alive who would it be and why?
Peter Gebeshian: Great thinkers like Barack Obama, Jesus, Dalai Lama, John Steinbeck, and Ernest Hemmingway have always been a curious bunch to engage in deep conversations with.

SGL BookLovers: Have you ever done something stupid for love?
Peter Gebeshian: Everyone who has been young and stupid can attest to the fact of an inane act. However, I don’t like to reminisce about those things since I get chagrined by them.

SGL BookLovers: Thank you, I am so glad we had this time together. Do you have anything else to say?
Peter Gebeshian: Thanks for the opportunity and support and hopefully we do this again soon.

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