A Touch of Grace

A SGL Booklovers Interview
We had the chance to chat with author G.D. Grace to discuss his multiple books and life. Check it out and comment below:
How are you doing?
Pretty good — a little congested, but I’m cool. How are you feeling today, my friend?

I’m good thank you.

What is your latest book about?
The one I’m working on is entitled “Daddy” –it’s about a platonic friendship between a straight man and a gay man. After meeting in a support group for single men raising children on their own, the two main characters become close friends.

Do they become lovers also?
Jackson Young (The straight man) and Eternal Richardson (The Gay Man) foster a friendship that will have readers wondering if they will get together eventually….

To Read the full interview please click below to order your copy and support BookLovers Mag to help keep it alive for years to come.

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