Donta Morrison Finds His Rainbow

A Cleavester Brooks InterviewRecently I had the opportunity to sit down with anew GLBT Author Donta Morrison to discuss his literally debut novel “The End of The Rainbow” and the journey it took to get published. Donta is a man who is a GLBT activist for teens and safe sex.

Tell us a little about you the person and the writer?
I can say with all sincerity that I am a person that loves people. I love to hear how people think and am the type of individual that will pose questions that many want to know the answer too but are too afraid to ask. I consider myself to be a survivor and have overcome obstacles that I never thought I would. I have been working in the field of HIV education for over 10 years and have presented on various platforms across the country. I have appeared on billboards, in documentaries, and magazines promoting HIV testing and have work closely with the faith bases community in effort to get them more productive in their HIV education efforts. My desire is share with everyone I can about HIV and shed light on a virus that is still being ignored by so many.

When I’m not speaking about HIV, I find refuge and solace in writing. It’s funny but I often find myself creating stories out of conversations I have with friends. You can get so much drama and comedy from just listening to people talk that it is amazing. I know it is a gift from God to be able to write in a manner that will entertain others and I daily thank him for the talent to do so.

Tell us about your book?
The End of the Rainbow is a story about an affluent African American gay couple who on the surface appear to have everything a couple could desire. However, as with many relationships there are internal struggles that are often not known by those on the outside. The story is not simply about two men who hit a pivotal crossroad in their relationship, but a narrative of how matters of the heart can parallel regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It also depicts the love of God in a manner unlike few have dared to write about. God loves. Who and how He chooses to love should be accepted and not challenged because of ignorance.

Tyrin and Khalil are driven, successful, and passionate about the work they do and the love they have for each other. They are not the typical image that many would equate with being gay and that is what makes this story so different. These two men are in love and when I write about their lovemaking it is exquisitely erotic because they are sharing not only their bodies, but their heart and mind as well. However, as with most relationships there are instances of incompatibility and as the story unfolds I want the reader to see how important it is in relationships to ask the right questions and stop at the red lights.

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