Darian Aaron takes Black Love Mainstream

On the eve of his literally Debut we sat down with the man who covers Black Same Gender Living people on his worldly popular blog “Living Out Loud with Darian Aaron.”

SGL Booklovers: What is your debut book “When Love Takes Over” about?
Darian Aaron: When Love Takes Over: A Celebration of SGL Couples of Color is a coffee table book exclusively profiling eighteen African-American gay couples in long-term committed relationships. The book relies heavily on images of all the couples along with their backstory.

SGL Booklovers: How and Why did you come up with this book?
Darian Aaron: When Love Takes Over is actually based on the Coupled Up series from my blog Living Out Loud with Darian. The series provided an opportunity for me to diversify the images of gay couples in the media. I was extremely frustrated with the lack of openly gay African-American men and African-American gay couples in the LGBT and mainstream media, so instead of just complaining about it I decided to take action and Coupled Up was the result. The series was a huge success. I wanted to do my part in changing the attitudes of so many gay men in our community who have given up on the possibility of finding true love with another black man. The couples in my book are perfect examples that it’s possible.

To Read the full interview please click below to order your copy and support BookLovers Mag to help keep it alive for years to come.

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