Lee Hayes takes a Walk on the Bad Side

Lee Hayes burst on the literally scene with his novel Passion Marks and hasn’t looked back yet. Now he’s back with a new novella A Bad Seed and this book want disappoint you. Enjoy the interview and let us know what you thought about the interview.

SGL Booklovers: Please give us a brief bio about you the person and the writer?
Lee Hayes: My name is Lee Hayes and I am the author of Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue: Passion Marks II, The Messiah and the soon-to-be released novel, The Bad Seed. I also served as editor of the erotic anthology, Flesh to Flesh.

I am a southerner by birth, born and raised in Texas, but I’ve lived in Washington, DC since 1998. I have a vivid imagination and love telling stories that will entertain and titillate. I’m a big horror movie fan so I tend to write on the darker side of life. I don’t like telling boring or predictable stories or stories that have been told before. In a Lee Hayes book, you won’t find “coming out” stories or “DL” stories. Don’t get me wrong, those are valid issues within our communities. I just think that we are so much more than that and we can have great gay horror stories or gay superheroes, etc. All of my characters (or most) are out and have no issues with being gay.

SGL Booklovers: Tell us about your new novel?
Lee Hayes: The Bad Seed is a delicious and exciting book full of drama, sexiness and madness. The wildly entertaining duo of novellas is sure to intrigue and titillate readers with their exploration of risqué themes. “I Guess that’s Why They Call It the Blues” is about a cosmetically beautiful but emotionally damaged young man who marries a wealthy older man to go from rags to riches. After beginning an illicit affair with his husband’s attorney, he decides that he would rather enjoy the amenities of limitless money minus the husband. He will stop at nothing to see his husband six feet under so that he can dance on his grave, toasting with expensive champagne. In “Crazy in Love,” a hyper-sexual seventeen-year-old high school boy develops a fatalistic crush on his reclusive high school English teacher. When the teacher rebuffs the boy’s advances, all hell breaks loose—and the upstanding teacher’s life is put on the line. Hell hath no fury…

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