Inside The Book: Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott

On the eve of the launch of his very first book we sat down with producer, writer/author, publisher/blogger Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott to discuss his book, life,who he wants to star in the film adaption of his book, and the future. Enjoy and let us know what you think below.

SGL BookLovers:Tell us a little about you the person and the writer?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:I’m an all around good guy. I look for the best in people and inspire them to be their personal best. I consider myself to be a go getter and I don’t settle for mediocrity.

As a writer, my mind is constantly working. I find it difficult to sit still anymore since starting on this journey to publishing. I’ve been told that I am a dynamic storyteller. I guess we’ll find out now won’t we?

SGL BookLovers:Tell us about your debut novel?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:My Turn is a coming of age story about a young aspiring mogul named C.R. Knight. He moves from Washington DC to New York City where he finds his true voice. Madness and mayhem cause chaos for Courtney when he murders his former mentor and boss. There is an underlying tone about the spread of HIV. It’s a must read.

SGL BookLovers:Which scene in the book is your favorite?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:I have too many favorites to choose one, but I guess I would say the scene where Courtney discovers that his lover has been penetrating him without a condom and Courtney goes ballistic on him. You will have to read the book to find out just how ballistic.

SGL BookLovers:What would you like your readers to take away from your book?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:I wrote the book to entertain. I wrote the book to change the game a little. I enjoy reading E. Lynn Harris’ work, however, it was too soap opera and clean. I wanted my book to have similar elements with a twist of murder and deceit a la the Showtime series Dexter.

SGL BookLovers:What does it feel like to see your writing dream come true?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:OMG! I swear it’s something that I never envisioned for myself. I always knew that I was meant for greatness, but never knew what that would look like until I started writing my novels. This is ONLY the first in a series, which is what makes it fun. I am totally elated.

SGL BookLovers:How long did it take you to write “My Turn”?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:It took me just under a year. I had writers block a few times and a few discouraging thoughts but the women in my life saw to it that I continued my commitment and told me that there was someone out there that needed to read this story.

SGL BookLovers: If your book could be made into a movie, whom would you choose to play the lead characters?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:I’d definitely put the cover model in there. If he gets his acting chops together, he’d play the lead providing it’s done in a timely manner, I mean most books don’t make it to the screen for years after they’ve been published.

Nicole Kidman comes to mind for Bianca.

Mr. Greene would be played by Will Smith

SGL BookLovers:Which author/authors have inspired you to write a book?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:E. Lynn Harris, Terrence Dean, Brett Easton Ellis, Karen Minors

SGL BookLovers:What can we expect in this Trilogy series?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:Lots and lots of twists, turns and drama. Oh yeah and MURDER!

SGL BookLovers:Will you continue to write fiction or will you write in other genre’s?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:I like fiction. Thrillers. I’m done with romance.

SGL BookLovers:What can we expect from you in the future?
Nathan ‘Seven’ Scott:Working on the follow up to My Turn. It’s called Hollywood Burn.

I also have a new series with a female protagonist. It takes place during the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It’s going to knock your socks off because I’m going DEEP!

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