E-Book: Freshman Freaks by:Gavin ML Fletcher

Freshman Freaks by-Gavin ML FletcherMove In Day

To say I was excited would be an understatement. Ninety-three days, eight hours and twenty-three minutes. That’s how long I waited to finally leave my parent’s house and enjoy the freedom of college life. The moment I walked out that door with all my stuff packed in the SUV felt like the first day of my life; a more fun and sex filled life.

Convincing my parents to let me move-in on my own was a weeklong process. They kept telling me stories about how their parents helped them move-in and decorate their dorm rooms. My dad kept going on and on about the Roman noodle diet and wanting to make sure I was stocked. Despite all their well wishes and good intentions, my primary goal was to make this trip without them.

Luckily, my boy Jayden was attending University as well. We were even able to be roommates in one of the new freshman suites. So, having Jayden and only being an hour away from home helped me snap that parental leash fastened so tightly around my neck without much haggling. And now I was ready to get into as much trouble as I could find.

The drive was technically an hour and fifteen minutes; I reached the school in less than forty-five. Each time I saw the speed limit signs I laughed a little on the inside. It wasn’t a snub at the law but more so my laughing at anything that thought it would slow me down from freedom and all the boys waiting for me.

I pulled the SUV our parents rented into the parking lot of Johnston Hall, the freshman suites in which we were assigned. It was straight pandemonium. Hundreds of parents and freshmen were hustling to move their belongings from the curbs up to their rooms. For a fleeting moment I regretted not having my parents there if only for the extra hands.

Yet, the order in all the madness is what amazed me. There was an army of students; I assumed they were upperclassmen, wearing green “move-in” shirts helping all the new students move their belongings. One of the green shirted volunteers directed me to park by one of the green cones so that the movers knew we needed help.

Jayden jumped out the SUV and started placing our boxes and belongings on the sidewalk. If I was excited, he was definitely ecstatic. A Kool-Aid grin had been stuck on his face since we saw the university sign.

“This shit is crazy, right?” Jayden asked excitedly.

I looked at him and grunted. Nothing had caught my eye, yet. And I was definitely looking. I needed to get this moving mess done so I could get my hunt on. Ass, good ass, never just fell in your lap. And I was all about the chase.

“Come on Cam, don’t be an ass.” Jayden gestured toward the mass of people and then folded his arms. “There will be no other time in our lives where we are around as many single, sexy and willing females. It’s time to get our dicks wet my nig.”

He patted my back and went for another box. I feigned excitement and simply mumbled ‘yea.’ I groaned on the inside. Until this very moment, I hadn’t really considered all the repercussions of having my best friend, a heterosexual whore, as a roommate would mean, especially since he didn’t know I dicked down boy’s booty holes and not pussy.

Just as I was about to wallow in my supreme mess-up, the moving crew popped up and my attention was definitely piqued. The light-brown skinned cutie with the curly hair spoke first. And God was he beautiful. I brought my hand to my lips to make sure I wasn’t drooling.

“How’s it going guys? I’m Craig.” He introduced himself with a bright, toothy smile. Then he pointed to the pudgy Hispanic guy and the ghost white, wafer thin girl. “That’s Pablo and this is Samantha.”

Jayden moved to shake all of their hands. “I’m Jayden and this is my boy Camron.”

I followed suit and shook everyone’s hand but found it difficult to keep my eyes off Craig. The sight of him, for a lack of a better word, was captivating. He reminded me of a more rugged and masculine Corbin Bleu. And he was definitely more muscular.

Funny thing, I didn’t usually go for the muscle bound, thick necked jocks but with those dimples and that bright ass smile, he could definitely get it. And the dick print pressing against his cargo shorts had me feeling some kind of way. Move-In Day may actually be fun after all, I thought.

“So you guys are in Johnston Hall, right?” Samantha asked in a high pitched mouse voice.

I couldn’t help but gawk at how pale and thin she was. And her ashen blond hair definitely wasn’t complimenting her complexion. She looked like she was a recovered Meth addict. At the end of the day I just didn’t want her frail ass carrying my stuff. Cause if she broke something, we’d have a problem.

Jayden reached in his shorts and pulled out the paper with our room assignment. “Yea, we’re in Johnston Hall, suite 512.”

Pablo exhaled loudly and placed his hands on his head. Samantha put a plastic smile on her face. Craig just shrugged and started reaching for one of the boxes.

“Come on.” Craig looked up and shifted his gaze from Pablo to Jayden and I and back. “The quicker we get started, the quicker we’ll be done.”

I looked at Jayden and frowned. The three of them obviously knew something we didn’t. I shrugged and grabbed a box. I wanted to make sure I was right behind Craig, so I could get a umm…more holistic view of the man.

When we stepped into the lobby of Johnston Hall, I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious and nice it was. I’d heard horror stories about college freshman dorms. But the grin on my face quickly melted away. When Craig headed for the stairwell my legs almost buckled. Now I understood why Pablo was upset when he heard where Jayden’s and my suite was; four flights of stairs away.

It wasn’t all that bad. At least I was able to watch Craig’s muscle booty flex with each step. I wondered if I had a quarter if it would bounce off his ass or not.

By the time we hit the second flight of stairs I was brick hard. Sadly, it didn’t take much to make my little soldier stand at attention. I didn’t care. I was just horny. But carrying boxes and tracking up a stairwell with hard wood isn’t the most pleasant or easiest thing to do.

We made it to the fifth floor and I leaned over the box, acting like I needed to catch my breath. Really, I just needed a minute to calm the disturbance in my basketball shorts. Craig was already halfway down the hall before he looked back and saw me hunched over. He came up to me and rubbed me on the back. I felt like electricity surged through my body.

“You okay? There are some bottled waters in the lobby. Last thing we need is for you to pass out.”

I nodded and stood up. The last thing I needed was for Craig to be rubbing on me. I’d never be able to get control of my loins. I was still on lump, but it wasn’t that bad. I grabbed the box, strategically place it and followed behind him. The suite was at the end of the hall.

The suite was empty and still had that sanitary smell. I knew it was early but I didn’t think I’d have the good fortune of being the first one in the suite. That meant I had first dibs on which room I wanted.
By the time I stepped out of the third room I was inspecting, Samantha had made her way up to the room. She and Craig were hugged up giving each other googly eyes. Figures.

I decided to take the fourth room. It was slightly bigger and the layout of the window, closet and entrance offered more wall space and options for extra furniture. Jayden came in with a big grin just as I pushed my second box into my room.

“Alright, which one is mine?”

I pointed to the fifth room. It was the next best one and it was right beside mine. He lugged his stuff in the room without question or protest.

“Hey guys.” Samantha moved to the middle of the living room as she stuffed her cell phone in her front pocket. “I’m sorry but I have to run, my sister and parents just arrived and want to see me. I’m sure Pablo and Craig can help you guys finish moving in.”

Jayden moved towards her and gave her a side hug. “You’re fine. I appreciate the help.”

I moved in and gave her a side hug as well. It felt awkward. But hey, everyone was in a nice mood and Samantha was beaming at the gesture. We all squeezed tight before letting go. She left a peck on Craig’s cheek before leaving. He looked up at the two of us with a weird excitement in his eyes.

“You guys ready to finish moving?”

Jayden and I simply nodded and headed back to the SUV. It didn’t take too long to move everything. Craig was an ox and Pablo didn’t complain as much when he saw the end was near. Craig and I took my mini-fridge and last box of clothes from the trunk just as Pablo and Jayden came back from their last trip.

“Alright I’m done.” Jayden wringed his hands. “I’m going to take the SUV to the car rental.” He looked from Pablo to Craig. “Either one of you have a number to a cab company?”

Pablo shook his head. “I got you man. I’ll follow behind you and bring you back to campus.”

“You sure? Pretty sure driving me around wasn’t in the volunteering description.”

“Naw, it’s cool. Long as you don’t mind me stopping by Walmart real quick. My girl wanted me to pick up some stuff for her.”

“Shit, that’s not a problem. Wanted to get some bed risers anyways.” Jayden looked at me. “See you in a few pimpin.”

I nodded and grabbed the last box. This time Craig followed behind me. I hurried up the stairs to the room. I was really anxious to unpack so I could start exploring the campus and find me a piece to play with.

Craig placed my mini-fridge down and helped me maneuver it into the corner, next to my desk. I held my hand out to shake his.

“Thanks man. This would have been a whole lot more difficult without you guys’ help.”

“Not a problem, Camron.” Craig stuffed his hands in his pockets. “So where are you guys from?”

“Memphis, born and raised.”

“Cool, cool. So why did you choose to come here? They have some good schools in Memphis. Some pretty good schools in Nashville too.”

I stopped unpacking and looked up at Craig. “I don’t know. It’s a good school. I have a couple of friends who go here and the school offers my major.”

“Yea? What’s that?”

“Sports Management.”

“That’s wassup. Hope that works out for you.” Craig laughed to himself. “I changed majors three times before I settled on one.”

“Really?” I asked, somewhat drily. I was trying hard to act interested but I wasn’t. The last thing I needed was to play a thousand and one questions with the Uncle Tom.

“Yea, first I was an Econ major, then Biology and finally I decided on Chemistry. Luckily all the classes I took fulfilled the requirements for each major.”

“Well, that’s good.”

I was almost done setting up my computer and was about ready to head out the door. Craig didn’t look like he was planning on going anywhere. I hated when people just talked and talked and really weren’t saying anything. It was one of my biggest pet-peeves.

“What about you? What’s your back-up major? If the Sports Management doesn’t work out?”

“No back-up plan.” I looked up at him. “Sports Management is the only option.” I went back to plugging the cords into my computer.

“That’s good. A man with conviction and focus.”

A silence that only added to the awkwardness of the conversation filled the room. Part of me hoped that it would cue Craig to leave. It didn’t.

“So, first day on campus. What’s on the agenda?”

I looked up at him, visibly annoyed. “Not quite sure yet, Craig. But I’d be ecstatic if I could find me a pretty motherfucker with a big, thick dick and an endless supply of green to smoke.”


A shadow of shock darkened his otherwise perky expression. I grinned devilishly. The comment had the intended effect. I went back to setting up my computer, waiting for the door to close behind him.

I heard the door shut and exhaled loudly. “Thank God.” The sound of laughter made me jump and hit my head on the desk.

“What you thanking God for?”

I looked over at the door and Craig was standing there. He’d closed the door but hadn’t left. I watched his hands move to his cargo shorts and begin to unfasten them. Within seconds his shorts were bunched around his ankles. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I rubbed by eyes over and over again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. But there was no doubt. The happy go lucky, interracial dating, cute as shit muscle head was standing in my new dorm room, naked. I’d thought I’d died and gone to heaven for a moment.

Craig stepped out of his cargo pants and pulled his shirt off. He reached back and locked my dorm door and started walking towards me.

His athletic physique had my eyes transfixed. Craig wasn’t too cut up but had a nice, soft and smooth definition. It was a natural build. And his dick was beautiful. It was one of those pretty one’s that you just wanted to play with all day long.

I was still on my knees from working on my computer. I was at eye level the whole time Craig’s meat swayed from left to right, getting closer and closer to my face as he walked towards me. It was only inches away when I looked up and met his gaze.

“Don’t act shy now, Camron. I know you want Big Red.” He licked his lips slowly and raised his left eye brow. “I saw the way you were looking at me the whole time we moved your stuff.”

I couldn’t argue. He was right. My gaze shifted back to his swelling manhood. It beckoned to be held, stroked and licked. And I had no problem obliging.

I reached out and took his meat in my hands. It felt hot and heavy in my grasp. The novelty and excitement of the moment made it hard for me to breath. I was still in shock that Craig was standing in front of me naked, with his dick in my hand.

His dick strained against my firm grip. I stroked and stroked until his meat was straight brick. I moved in closer and stuck out my tongue to lick his bulbous tip. His body flinched a little, obviously sensitive to the act.

I took the head and half the length of his manhood in my mouth with one motion as I reached up and cupped his warm, heavy nuts. My other hand explored his firm thighs and tight abs as my mouth teased and played with his hardening dick.

Craig’s hands moved to the back of head. He urged me to go down further on his shaft. I took as much as I could, taking the length of him down my throat a few times. His low moans signaled that I was doing a good job.

Then he started pumping in and out my mouth in earnest. Craig squatted and tilted my head down to get a better angle.

“Fuck! You feel good as shit.”

I felt the tension in his balls building and the pulsating in his meat. He was about to bust. I wasn’t a fan of folks nutting in my mouth and I tried to pull away. But he held my head firm as wave after wave of sweet man nectar bombarded my mouth and throat.

I spit his nutt out angrily. But before I could voice my anger, he pulled me up and locked me in a firm kiss. A frenzied arousal had taken him over. His hands gripped and pulled at my body. Craig’s kisses moved from my lips to my neck and chest and back. I had a hard time keeping up and catching my breath. Every moment of it felt amazing.

As soon as I kicked off my shorts, Craig scooped me up like a rag doll and set me down on the twin sized bed. He threw my legs in the air and attacked my hole. Shockwaves of pleasure jolted up my spine. My body quivered and my ass flexed each time he plunged inside of me.

I reached down and began to stroke my dick as Craig’s tongue attacked my ass. The wet warmth sent my mind and body into freefall. The stimulation was mind blowing. The harder he thrust his tongue into my ass the harder I stroked at my dick.

It didn’t take long for me to climax. Ropes of hot, white cum shot all over my chest and stomach. Craig stood up and furiously beat his meat until he nutted again, his hot seed spilling over on my legs and groin.
I looked up at him with a mischievous grin. “Alright, so where’s my weed?”

“Well, as your RA, I’d advise against you smoking in the dorm. But I’m sure we can work out something.”

“Wait, you’re the RA? Seriously?”

He nodded with a big grin on his face. He leaned in and kissed me hard. Sucking on my bottom lip as he pulled back.

“Welcome to University, Camron.”

You can download a copy  click here.


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