E-Book: Temptations of the Flesh by:Gavin ML Fletcher (Excerpt)

Temptations of the Flesh by-Gavin ML FletcherCHOIR BOY

Practice should have been over an hour ago. Kenneth shifted his weight from one foot to the other to garnish what little relief he could for his feet. He, along with three dozen other choir members, had been standing more than four hours singing and swaying to the same three songs over and over again. And Kenneth was nearing his limit.

The inner child in him wanted to whine and throw a temper tantrum. But he focused. Getting through these practices was like an initiation. It was Hell week and he wanted in the choir, bad.

Whenever a good number of new people joined the choir of any church, the choir director always made practice long and hard. And the director, Isaiah Smith, was not only new but young. He was trying to figure out who could survive and who was dedicated. His budding reputation was on the line. Kenneth had been through the process before and he was determined to last.

Practice droned on and on. For a moment Kenneth thought he was being paranoid but it seemed like the director was looking in his direction more and more. Under the director’s gaze, Kenneth sang louder and with more feigned emotion. He swayed to the song with more passion. Still, director Smith had the same sullen look on his face.

That’s when Kenneth realized that the director wasn’t staring at him. He glanced to his right at Micah, the director’s little brother. Kenneth shook his head disapprovingly. The boy was barely standing. His eyes lazily sagged, hopelessly fighting his tiredness. Micah looked like he was about to fall over.

Kenneth was new to the church but he could imagine the whispers of scandal because the choir director’s little brother fell asleep and wasn’t cut. There was already grumbling about how Micah was really just a mediocre singer and didn’t deserve to be in the choir anyways. The Smith bothers did not need any more fire added to the flame.

Discretely, Kenneth reached over and palmed Micah’s hand and squeezed hard enough for the dozing director’s sibling to snap awake. Micah’s eyes shot open and he violently snatched his hand away. Kenneth shrunk back as Micah shot him an evil look.

If they hadn’t been in church Kenneth was sure Micah would have swung on him. There was little doubt with the look in his eye. A wave of relief overcame Kenneth as Micah shifted his gaze. Now he was looking at his brother.

All the fury Micah had felt drained from the young man’s face. Kenneth watched as the director gave Micah a number of mean stares all while still directing the choir. It was almost like watching someone curse someone out with their eyes. Micah looked back at Kenneth. His face softened, slightly, almost as if he were saying ‘thank you.’

Kenneth regained his composure and put the whole incident from his mind. He swayed and sang his heart out to the end of the song. He was determined to remain focused. Not even the son of a deacon and brother of the choir director could make Kenneth fall from grace.

The director brought his hands down to close out the song. Kenneth took a deep breath to prepare for the next song as the rest of the choir took a collective sigh. Everyone was drained.

“Alright people, that should be enough for tonight.” The director clasped his hands as he spoke. “That was an okay practice. Altos, some of you are still having pitch issues. We need to work on that.” His young, sharp brown eyes lingered on that section of the choir for a moment before he continued speaking. “And senior members, we have a quick meeting, shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. Everyone else, have a good night and get home safely. See you all at service tomorrow.”

Kenneth filed out the practice room behind the small eager herd of people ready to get home. He noticed the director’s little brother slouched, with his eyes down, sitting in a chair near the exit. He looked half asleep. Kenneth looked at him, puzzled at how different he was from his brother.

No two people were exactly alike but Kenneth wondered how the same household could produce two totally different people like the director and his brother.

New Hope Revival Baptist church was Kenneth’s first choice as far as churches to join when he moved to Charlotte. The church was known for its theologically grounded sermons and its choir. It wasn’t a shuck and jive ministry.

Last year, the choir director had passed and a lengthy process to replace him begun. After months of interviews, Isaiah Smith, the eldest son of Deacon Williams, was chosen but not with much fanfare. He was only twenty-five.

Kenneth had done his research. Many in the church felt like other, more senior church members had paid their dues and had deserved the position. But the reverend and his advisors had felt differently.

Aside from his youth, Isaiah was definitely qualified. He’d majored in music while attending college and could play just about any instrument put in his hand. Kenneth had viewed some of the videos on the church website of Isaiah singing. He had the voice of an angel. And although not a requirement to be a choir director, the man was beautiful. That at least ran in the Smith family.

Then there was his brother, Micah. Most of the information Kenneth had on him had been gained through casual observation and eavesdropping on folks gossiping about him. And there was tons of gossiping about the young man.

Rumors about Micah ranged from him having as many as three kids out of wedlock to him being kicked out of college for punching a professor. No one ever could say the name of any of the females Micah had allegedly had these kids with but many of the folks who went to high school with him testified to him being a ladies’ man. And while no one could offer anything more than gossip on him getting kicked out of school it was fairly obvious to anyone who met Micah that he had a hot temper.

Whether or not the rumors were true Kenneth felt bad for Micah. His life was under a microscope because of his brother’s success. Kenneth was no stranger to living under the shadow of someone else.

Kenneth was the last to reach the door. Just as he was about to cross the threshold he felt someone grab his arm. It was Micah. Micah’s firm hands felt like fire on Kenneth’s skin. Kenneth struggled to gain his composure. He looked down at Micah, perplexed.

“Give me a ride home. I got some gas money.”

Micah had never said more than hello to him and now he was asking for a ride. Kenneth felt stuck. He turned and searched the room for Micah’s brother.

Sure enough, the director was looking right at the two of them disapprovingly. It was an odd moment for Kenneth. He wasn’t sure if the look was for him, Micah or the two of them. Kenneth felt Micah’s firm grip tighten around his wrist.

“You going to give me a ride or what? Don’t feel like sitting here waiting for this meeting shit.”

Micah’s soft brown eyes had caught Kenneth in a web. For the first time since Kenneth had known him, Micah seemed innocent. Nice even. Reluctantly, Kenneth nodded his head.

“Yea, I got you. Come on.”

Kenneth almost bolted from the choir practice room as soon as Micah released his arm. He wanted to get from under the visual assault of the director and get to his car as quickly as possible.

Once they made it to the car, Micah hopped in and reclined the passenger seat all the way back. Kenneth glanced over at Micah as he pulled out of the church parking lot. He searched in his mind for a word to describe Micah and the only adequate one he could think of was ruffneck. But even that wasn’t completely accurate.

Micah was very attractive. His hair was curly and his eyebrows were thick like a number of models Kenneth had seen in ads. His pouty red lips and light brown eyes screamed pretty boy. But the way he carried himself, his swag, had ruffneck written all over him.

Kenneth cringed as he watched Micah casually pulled out a blunt and lit it up. He took two puffs and offered it to Kenneth. Kenneth waved it away and rolled down his window. He wasn’t a smoker and he wasn’t a big fan of weed.

Kenneth watched Micah with a sidelong glance. The sexy ruffneck was leaning back puffing on his blunt with his head thrown back as if he was in his own world. Kenneth wouldn’t have minded Micah relaxing if he’d known where he was going. Twice he’d turned down the music to hear Micah’s sporadic directions. Kenneth was sure Micah spoke softer each time he turned it down. Finally he just turned the thing off.

Aside from the lack of conversation and horrible directions, Kenneth surprisingly found himself enjoying the ride. For some reason he enjoyed being with Micah. Being close to him felt exhilarating. There was a titillating danger that drew Kenneth like a moth to a flame. He just didn’t want to get burned like the last time.

Kenneth had no qualms about his sexuality or his faith. All of his boyfriends had been members of his church. That was one of the reasons he moved. He and the choir director from his last church had been going together for a year and a half before their nasty break up.

After the whole thing went down, Kenneth had an opportunity to move because of a job offer. He took it without hesitation and promised himself to steer clear of trouble. And even though his gut told him that Micah was nothing but trouble, Kenneth still entertained all the naughty thoughts about the man. Micah sat up and turned to Kenneth as he came up on a light.

“Go head and get in the turning lane. We almost there.”

Just as the car came to a stop, Micah leaned over Kenneth, placing his hand right in between Kenneth’s legs on his seat. He did it so smooth and quick, Kenneth didn’t know how to react. His body went rigid. His heart pumped hard. His blood seemed to boil under his skin. And his manhood stirred.

Kenneth’s mind raced. Should he just sit there? Should he lean his crotch forward a little to rub against Micah’s arm? He didn’t want to seem like a slut but Kenneth couldn’t deny how horny he was. Micah had Kenneth on edge the moment he grabbed him at the church. But Kenneth wasn’t sure if he was ready to throw caution to the wind. Messing with the choir director’s little brother might not be the best idea and he wasn’t even sure Micah was game for all the dirty things Kenneth was thinking of doing to him.

Kenneth quickly got his bearings and looked up at Micah. He was taking his last puffs from his blunt right before he threw the roach out the window. Kenneth was rocked with disappointment. He remembered that his window was the only one still working in the car. Maybe Micah wasn’t flirting. Maybe he was just getting rid of his roach. A little disappointment settled on Kenneth’s face.

Micah turned to Kenneth, still only inches from his face. “You alright?” Micah grinned, looking Kenneth up and down, sizing him up. “All tense and shit.”

Kenneth only nodded, scared he’d say something stupid.

“Good. You got to relax. Let that good choir boy shit out the window.”

Kenneth frowned, motioning towards the light.

“Uh, green light.”

Micah licked his lips and held Kenneth’s gaze before he sat back in his seat. Now, there was no doubt the boy was flirting. But Kenneth wondered if he was just being fucked with. Some straight guys got off on being a tease and getting attention. Micah seemed just the type to pull that routine. After a handful of turns Kenneth pulled up in front of a beautiful colonial home.

“Thanks for the ride, choir boy.”

Micah reached over and dapped Kenneth up. He left a five dollar bill in Kenneth’s hand and jumped out the car. Kenneth sat waiting, watching Micah walk up to the house. He didn’t know why sat there. He wasn’t worried that Micah wouldn’t make across the fifty feet of lawn. Kenneth just had the urge to watch him, to keep his eyes on the fine ass bad boy.

Micah got to the door and looked back for an unusually long time before slipping into the house. Slowly, Kenneth’s body released the tension created by Micah’s presence. His body had exhaled. He felt like he’d gained back control of not only his limb but urges as well. But he was still horny.

Thoughts of Micah and his thick lips and smooth skin danced in Kenneth’s mind as he pulled back onto the street. It had been a while since he’d had the attention of another man. An attractive man. But chasing after men was never something Kenneth had done. He was always the one chased. And he wasn’t really a fan of messing with questionable men. Either you were into guys or you weren’t. Dealing with the drama of guys who weren’t sure if they were gay or not was something Kenneth avoided like the plague.

Kenneth made it back to his apartment still struggling with lustful thoughts of Micah. Going through his nightly ritual of tending to his vocal cords and hygiene seemed more difficult with Micah clouding his thoughts. Kenneth admonished himself. He felt like he was getting to the point of obsession.

A nice cool shower stymied Kenneth’s arousal only momentarily. Once he was under the warmth of his covers on his soft queen sized bed he couldn’t escape the longing he felt deep in his loins. It didn’t take long for him to give over to temptation and thrust his hand down his boxers.

He bit down on his bottom lip and snapped his eyes shut tight. Visions of Micah smiling and licking his lips rushed into Kenneth’s mind. He began to stroke his stiffening pole as he imagined Micah’s firm hands caress and manhandle his body.

Kenneth’s pulsing, hot shaft felt good in his hands. It was pleasure at his finger tips. The harder Kenneth pumped at his brick hard dick the more he could feel Micah grabbing and pulling on him. Kenneth’s sheets and blankets tugged at his body as he twisted and turned, fantasizing about being taken by Micah. Kenneth approached the precipice. The moment of release was near.

He spit in his hand and gripped the head of his dick, stroking furiously. He brought his other hand to his lips and sucked his finger until it was dripping wet. He reached down to his twitching hole and pushed his finger inside, until it was totally engulfed by the hot, wet flesh of his insides. He threw his head back and his body stiffened. Orgasm was only a few strokes away.

Just as he arched his back and pushed his hips in the air, his cell phone blared from the dresser. Reluctantly, Kenneth let go of his engorged, aching hard-on and reached over and answered it.

“Hello?” he answered, trying to sound groggy and asleep.

“What you doing sounding like you been running and shit?”

Kenneth frowned. He needed work on changing up his voice. He looked over at his alarm clock. It was midnight. Kenneth sat up. The voice sounded familiar but he was still having a hard time placing it.

“Who is this?”

“Nigga, this is Micah. I got your number from the choir contact list they passed out last week.”

“You do know what time it is, right?” There was silence on the other end. Kenneth let out a long sigh. “Are you okay?”

“Naw, I need you to come pick me up.”

Kenneth’s deflating meat perked back up at the prospect of a late night rendezvous with the object of his sexual fantasies. His mind screamed ‘no’ but his flesh burned red hot for Micah, even if the feeling may not have been mutual. Kenneth shook his head. Had he finished what he started he wouldn’t be thinking with his dick.

“Where are you?” Kenneth asked rubbing his forehead. A bad taste settled in his mouth as soon as the words came out.

“At the corner store we passed before turning into the neighborhood.”

Kenneth remembered the spot. “Alright, I’ll be there in a minute.”


Kenneth pulled up his boxers and jumped out the bed, his meat still hard as bricks. He slipped on some basketball shorts, a tank top and some flip-flops. He was out the door in under three minutes. He couldn’t even act like he wasn’t eager about being able to see Micah again. His body felt tense and hot. He couldn’t shake the feeling of excitement.

Kenneth made it to the corner store in minutes, like he’d said he would. He was actually surprised a cop didn’t pull him over from all his speeding and light running.

The store was closed and only the parking lot light post lit the area. Kenneth spotted Micah leaned against the brick wall of the store smoking. His slim, ripped build showed nicely under his wife beater. Kenneth felt his manhood stiffen and press hard against his thigh.

Micah pulled hard on the blunt until it was nothing left to smoke. He tossed the roach and hopped in the car. Kenneth tried not to gawk at the tattoos over Micah’s arms. They just added to the boy’s raw, sexual appeal.

“You could have smoked in the car.” Kenneth looked over at Micah wide-eyed. “I don’t mind.”

“Yea?” Micah pulled a fresh blunt from his ear and quickly lit it. He puffed it a few times and looked over at Kenneth. “The way you was looking at me earlier, I thought the shit bothered you.”

Kenneth just sat there quietly. He didn’t want to think about any other looks Micah may have noticed from him earlier that day.

“You got here quick as shit. Your ass was speeding, hunh?”

Kenneth shook his head. “Course not, last thing I need is a ticket right now. There just wasn’t that much traffic. It is late.”

“Hmm, true shit.”

Kenneth kept his eyes forward. Looking at Micah made him feel like he was on a roller coaster ride. The feeling of Micah’s eyes on him already had Kenneth in a flurry.

“Preciate you coming. I know you was in bed sleep like a mug.”

“I was actually up. Wide awake.”

Micah sank back into the seat and pulled a long drag on his blunt. Kenneth glanced at him and could see the increased sag in his eyes. If he wasn’t before he was high as hell now.

“Yea? Why was you awake?”

Kenneth smiled to himself. “Had a lot going through my mind. Just had to work through a couple of things.”

Micah nodded his head in understanding. “Don’t we all.”

A long moment of silence lingered between them as they sat in the car. Kenneth didn’t expect much more than the pleasure of putting his eyes on Micah’s beautiful face again but he wasn’t about to sit in his car all night running through his gas.

“So you got a girlfriend or something whose house you want me to take you to?”

Micah laughed loudly and looked over at Kenneth. A big kool-aid smile was stuck on his face. Kenneth figured it was the weed that had him so giddy.

“Nah man. This nigga here is solo dolo, feel me?”

“Aight. So where am I taking you?”

“Shit, just drive my dude. Just drive.”

Kenneth was slightly annoyed by the response but complied only to minimize the chance of the cops pulling up on them in the parking lot smelling like Bob Marley’s band. Kenneth figured that he’d stop by a grocery store or a Walmart that was open and get Micah something to satisfy his impending munchies. Then he’d drop the boy off back home.

Kenneth jumped on the highway. As soon as he crossed into the center lane Micah offered him the blunt again. Kenneth shook his head. That’s when Kenneth’s world almost came crashing down.

Micah grabbed hold of the steering wheel and veered the car over to the fast lane, cutting off two cars and an SUV. Kenneth struggled to get control of the wheel back but Micah had a vice grip.

“Nigga, you can either hit this shit or try your luck again and hope we don’t hit anything.” Micah looked Kenneth in the eye. “Touch those brakes and I’ll flip this bitch. Trust.”

Fear and excitement surged through Kenneth’s body like lightning. He held Micah’s gaze. A little bit of crazy danced in those brown eyes, almost daring Kenneth not to hit the blunt. There was little doubt in Kenneth’s mind that Micah would make good on his promise. Kenneth took the blunt from Micah and put it to his lips. He took two soft puffs and tried to pass the blunt back. Micah gripped the wheel firmly and narrowed his eyes.

Kenneth took drag after drag from the blunt until Micah’s hand slipped from the steering wheel. Kenneth took hold of the wheel like it would slip from his hands. The THC from the weed hit him hard.

Smoking weed wasn’t an activity Kenneth did in his pastime. Just from those few hits Kenneth was high as a kite. He felt like he was on a rollercoaster ride. Micah looked over at him and laughed.

“That Kush be getting you right, don’t it?”

Micah threw his head back laughing as he lit another blunt. Kenneth was going through the ups and downs of his high, gripping the wheel tight. He just drove and drove with no particular destination in mind.

Micah lit, puffed and passed blunt after blunt and Kenneth just kept on driving. They went through four blunts before Kenneth took an exit. Kenneth wasn’t really thinking about where he was going. But the area was starting to look familiar.

“Nigga,” Micah started laughing, “why you bring us to the church?”

Kenneth looked down the street and saw the church on the corner. He started shaking his head in disbelief.

“My bad, I was just driving.”

“Naw, you good. Go ahead and pull in.”

Kenneth frowned. “You sure?”

A sly grin creased Micah’s face. “Yea, I’m sure.”

Kenneth parked in the far corner of the church parking lot away from the lights. Micah jumped out the car. He made it halfway to the church and realized Kenneth wasn’t behind him. He started waving for Kenneth to follow him.

Kenneth was high but he wasn’t a fool. And being around a church that time of night smelling like Jamaica wasn’t a good idea. Micah jogged back to the car and snatched open Kenneth’s door.

“Don’t make me drag your ass out here, slim.”

The serious, threatening look on Micah’s face quickly dissolved into a playful smile, dimples and all. Kenneth almost melted. He jumped out the car and followed behind Micah. They jogged up to the church like a pair of school boys late for class.

Micah hunkered over the back door connected to the church kitchen. He pulled out a set of keys and looked up at Kenneth, a devilish grin spreading on his face. Kenneth shook his head. Only one thought was going through his mind: trouble. Micah turned the key and pushed the door open. Kenneth grabbed at Micah’s arm.

“You sure about this? There isn’t some silent alarm or something, is there?”

“Damn, you worry too much. Told you to let that good choir boy routine go. You with me right now. Just go with the flow. I got you.”

Micah motioned Kenneth inside as he stepped through the door. Despite the overwhelming feeling that going in the church was a bad idea, Micah’s words eased Kenneth’s worried spirit. Like he said, Kenneth was with him. Kenneth followed him inside.

Micah moved with purpose through the dark church. Kenneth figured he knew where he was going. It didn’t take long for Kenneth to realize where they were headed. They were walking pass the choir room and the Bible study classrooms. The only thing left were the offices of the senior church members.

Micah stopped in front of one of the doors. The sign on the glass read: Isaiah Smith, Choir Director. Kenneth shook his head as Micah pushed through the door and pulled Kenneth in by his wrist.

“Is there a reason why you dragged me into your brother’s office?”

“Shit, needed somewhere to smoke and sit.”

Micah pointed over towards the sofa nestled against the wall adorned with pictures and plaques as he lit up. Kenneth walked over towards the wall. He saw pictures of Isaiah, Micah’s more successful brother, shaking hands with politicians and church leaders from the area. About have a dozen certificates and awards hung with the man’s college diploma. He was well accomplished and seemed to be getting well connected.

“Your brother seems quite the overachiever.”

Micah walked over and stood next to Kenneth looking up at the wall nodding.

“Yea, Isaiah was never the fuckup I was. The first born golden child. Man does no wrong.”

Kenneth looked over at Micah. He felt sorry for him. There was obviously some tension and history between him and his brother and probably his family and their expectations for their second born. Micah offered the blunt to Kenneth but pulled it back before he could take it.

“Want to do a shot gun?”

Kenneth licked his lips and grinned. “You’re trying to get me high off my ass, hunh?”

“Nah, you be alright. Just turn and face me.”

Micah brought the blunt to his lips and started pulling. Kenneth’s brow scrunched up.

“I thought you were supposed to cup your hands around the blunt and blow?”

“I thought you didn’t smoke.” Micah shook his head Kenneth and grinned. “We going to do a shotgun, Micah style. Trust me, you’ll like it.”

He looked at Kenneth as if waiting for permission to continue. Kenneth slowly nodded. The distance between the two of them shortened in the blink of an eye. Micah had moved just inches from Kenneth’s face.

“Make sure you exhale and open your mouth to get all the smoke.”

Kenneth nodded again. Micah licked his lips, turned his head to the side and pulled at the blunt three times. It sounded like he was kissing the blunt each time he pulled but he wasn’t inhaling. Micah moved in until he was only an inch from Kenneth’s face.

Despite being exactly where he wanted to be, under Micah, Kenneth couldn’t help but stumble back from his dream of a man’s unexpected closeness.

Kenneth back into the wall, hard, hitting his head. Micah pressed forward, placing his hand on the wall inches from Kenneth’s head, pinning him against the wall.

Micah moved in again like before and raised an eyebrow. Kenneth looked from Micah’s thick lips up to his eyes. His heart raced and he felt hot all over. He had to remind himself that it was only a shotgun. Slowly, he opened his mouth to receive the smoke.

Kenneth sucked in the air between him and Micah. The moist hot breath gliding from Micah to Kenneth’s lips titillated the senses. Kenneth felt like he was on cloud nine. He closed his eyes as he continued inhaling.

Kenneth inhaled for as long as he could and held the smoke in his lungs. It seemed an eternity before he released the air from his agonizingly stimulated body.

When he opened his eyes Micah was still right there, in his face, inches away. There was no more smoke. He wasn’t puffing on the blunt for a second shotgun. Micah was just looking at him with an air of expectation.

A husky, firm voice in the back of Kenneth’s mind screamed, ‘Do something’. He heard it over and over again. His body tensed up like a bear trap, ready to spring at any movement. He wasn’t sure if he should but all the pent up emotion and longing pressed him forward.

Kenneth leaned in and gently pressed his lips against Micah’s. Just as quickly as he done it he pulled back. His eyes locked on Micah’s, waiting for a response. But Micah didn’t move. He didn’t smile or frown or give any indication as to how he felt about what Kenneth had just done.

Kenneth backed into the wall on the verge of panic. He got sober quick. For the first time that night he genuinely felt like Micah might intentionally hurt him. His lips started moving as he searched for the words to plead with Micah; to explain that it was the weed and his tiredness; to explain that he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. Micah raised his hand and gently placed his index finger on Kenneth’s lips.

“Relax, you’re with me.”

A wave of relief washed through Kenneth’s body. But that moment of calm was quickly replaced by a flurry of emotions.

Micah took hold of Kenneth by the waist and pressed his body against Kenneth’s. Micah leaned in and kissed Kenneth, hard. The sensation of Micah’s hands travelling up Kenneth’s back was staggering. His touch was electric. Shock waves of pleasure rippled all through Kenneth’s body. Micah’s firm, roaming hands settled on the nape of Kenneth’s neck, steadying him.

Kenneth tensed up as he felt Micah’s tongue jut in and out of his mouth, tasting him. Slowly, Micah pulled back, with Kenneth’s bottom lip gently wedged between his teeth, teasing him all the more. Micah looked at Kenneth with concern.

“I want you to relax and let go. Trust me. I’m going to take care of you.”

Kenneth took a deep breath and nodded. He tried to relax and let the disbelief of what happening go. He wasn’t going to let the novelty of the moment spoil what was happening. Kenneth looked deep in Micah’s eyes and let go.

Micah stepped back and began to strip. His tank top and basketball shorts came off without much effort. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He stood there naked, letting Kenneth take in the sight of his amazing body. Micah’s chest made Kenneth’s mouth water like a flood. It was muscular and manly with a few wisp of hair running down the middle. Aside from that and the hair nestled close to his thickening dick, Micah was smooth.

The few moments it took Micah to make his way back to Kenneth felt like an eternity of torture. Kenneth wondered what his body felt like to the touch, what it tasted like. He wanted to run his fingers over Micah’s lightly defined abs and cusp his low hanging balls.

Micah jerked Kenneth’s tank top over his head feverishly and shimmied Kenneth’s shorts and boxers down to his ankles. Micah looked down at Kenneth’s hard dick and grinned.

“Damn, that’s how you feel?”

Kenneth shrugged his shoulders innocently. “It’s what you do to me.”

Micah nodded and stepped toward Kenneth. He held Kenneth’s body close to his as he attacked Kenneth’s neck and collar bone with kisses and gentle bites. Chills shot up Kenneth’s body. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure coming from Micah’s lips and teeth.

Soft moans left Kenneth’s lips as Micah traveled down his body. Micah sucked at Kenneth’s nipples and dragged his wet hot tongue from Kenneth’s chest, down his abs down to his belly button.

Kenneth took in a deep breath as he felt Micah wrap his fingers around his already straining manhood. And just that quick, Kenneth felt his dick enveloped in a wet warmth. He thrust his head back as the stimulation of Micah sucking his dick reverberated through his body. Kenneth’s toes curled and he clinched at the wall behind him. Micah’s oral skills were nothing to play with.

His orgasm was growing. Kenneth could feel the tension in his balls spread through his groin. But he wasn’t ready. An overwhelming urge to please Micah overcame Kenneth. He was ready to do anything to satisfy Micah. He reached down and stopped Micah from bopping up and down.

“Wait. Not yet.” The words struggled to come out. “I want to please you. I want to make you feel good.”

“You sure you ready for all that?” Micah asked, his eyes looking down at his swollen meat. Kenneth nodded apprehensively. His body ached for Micah. He just hoped he wasn’t biting off more than he could chew. Micah took hold of Kenneth by the waist and forced him to turn around. Kenneth felt Micah’s heavy hand press down on the middle of his back, urging him to bend over. He complied without protest.

Micah brought his hand down on Kenneth’s ass cheek, sending waves of pain and pleasure through Kenneth’s body. Micah gripped each cheek with his large hands and parted them. Kenneth shivered as he felt Micah’s hot, wet breath on his wanting hole.

“When I make this ass mine aint no turning back. You feel me?”

Kenneth could only moan his understanding and agreement as anticipation of the lustful pleasure coming ahead rendered him incapable of giving any other type of response. He was in the troughs of sinful rapture and his only recourse was total subjugation.

Micah pressed his tongue hungrily against Kenneth’s hole. He darted in and out until he broke through the tightness of Kenneth’s sphincter. Kenneth yelped as Micah began his oral onslaught inside of Kenneth.

Kenneth reached down and gripped his pre-cum dripping dick and began to stroke as his tongue filled ass sent undulated wave upon wave of pleasure through every sensitive and receptive nerve ending in his ass.

Micah backed off with a loud audible kiss on Kenneth’s ass. Kenneth took a deep breath, preparing for what was coming. He knew Micah wasn’t done. The show had just begun.

The heaviness of Micah’s swollen prick smacking against Kenneth’s now wet and open hole was mind numbing. Micah rubbed the length of his dick up and down the crack of Kenneth’s ass. Both wetting his meat and sending Kenneth into a frenzy of arousal.

Micah gripped Kenneth by the hips and pressed the head of his dick in Kenneth’s ass. Between the oral prep from Micah and Kenneth’s overwhelming want to feel Micah deep within him, it wasn’t difficult to accommodate Micah’s long, thick pole.

The mushroom shaped head of Micah’s dick popped pass Kenneth’s tight ass ring. Kenneth’s face pressed against hard against the wall. Slowly, inch after inch disappeared inside of Kenneth’s ass. He moaned and wiggled in pleasure as he was filled to the brim.

His ass felt like fire as he gave himself and his body over to Micah. The moment was euphoric. Micah leaned down, pressing his chest and abs against Kenneth’s back. He wrapped his arm around Kenneth’s waist. Micah spoke gently into Kenneth’s ear as he pumped slowly inside of him.

“I want you to fall in love with this dick. Will you do that?”

Micah nodded and moaned yes between grunts of pleasure. He bit his lip as he fought the urge to tense up. Micah was well endowed and not easily taken. But Kenneth was determined to please Micah. He would endure the pain for the pleasure.

“Don’t promise something you can’t do.” Micah straightened up and grabbed Kenneth by the waist on both sides. “Cause when you fall in love with the dick, you going to fall in love with me.”

Micah pulled his dick out until only the head was in and shoved the length of it back in to the hilt. Kenneth let out a grunt wonderfully mixed with pain and pleasure. Micah did the same thing over and over slowly until Kenneth began to squirm.

“Tell me you love this dick.”

Micah drove his pulsing prick into Kenneth’s ass to the hilt before a word could leave his lips. Kenneth felt his knees almost buckle. Micah was doing something amazing inside him and his body was on the verge of over stimulation.

“I said tell me you love this dick!” Micah demanded between thrusts. Micah moved faster and faster, pile driving his manhood in and out of Kenneth’s beaten hole.

“I love your dick! I love your dick! Oh my God, I love your dick.”

Kenneth spoke the words as loudly and resolutely as he could. But the sound of flesh smacking filled the room and muffled the words. Micah fucked Kenneth mercilessly, plunging in and out of Kenneth’s ass with only one mission; his own pleasure.

“Beat your dick, nigga. I feel this shit.”

Kenneth took hold of his hard-on and stroked furiously. His orgasm came quick with Micah’s thick pole massaging his prostate. Kenneth stroked his seed out as Micah pumped faster and harder.

The sensation of Kenneth’s tightening and loosening ass from orgasm brought Micah to climax. He hunched over Kenneth’s back and hooked his arms over Kenneth’s shoulders, impaling his dick deep inside Kenneth’s guts.

“Fuck! Got me bout to bust!”

A few more furtive strokes sent Micah over the edge. Kenneth could feel his dick jump inside him. The wet warmth of Micah’s nutt filled Kenneth’s spent hole and dripped down his leg. Kenneth squeezed his hole, milking the seed into his ass. Micah jumped back.

“Damn, what you doing that for?” He giggled. “Got my shit all sensitive.”

Kenneth smile as he looked back at Micah. He was about to say something until the slamming of the office door shook him out of the moment.

Micah’s brother, Isaiah, the choir director, stood at the entrance with his arms folded. A distinct look of disgust covered his face as he took in the sight of what was going on his office.

Despair and regret flowed through Kenneth’s veins. He closed his eyes and collapsed on the floor. He felt like his world was over.

You can download a copy click here.

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