Excerpt from THE FIRST MALE by: Lee Haynes

In the immutable black of night, something ungodly stirred; something unholy devoured the light.

Deep in a swamp far from the mainland, angry winds hissed through the giant pine trees, covering the dense marsh with the unnerving sound of agitated serpents. Sharp pines needles, ripped violently from the trees, shot through the air like deadly daggers. Frequently, brilliant lightning flashes tore open the sky in a dazzling display of power; thunder shook the earth.

Sheets of blinding rain crashed against the dilapidated shack, its rotting wood punished severely by the unnatural tempest. The ramshackle structure quaked and quivered and its roof viciously shook; but, it held its ground. The shack bent and buckled, but did not break.

She would not let it succumb to the storm.

Inside the house, a woman howled in pain. Her child was coming, even in the midst of such profane turmoil. The woman did not fully appreciate all that was taking place inside or outside the shack, but she knew something otherworldly was afoot and she was a focal point; this knowledge only exacerbated her pain. She knew—she had always known—that the child in her womb was…special.. Log onto Leehayes.info to order your copy now.

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