Get The Book-Going Against the Grain: A Canon of Reflective Literature from the Undergraduate Years of a Young Black Conservative

A non-fiction collection of social and political commentary, Going Against the Grain: A Canon of Reflective Literature from the Undergraduate Years of a Young Black Conservative chronicles the experiences of a young black scholar during his undergraduate studies, and his opinions of the social and political issues of the day. The essays and analyses within this book affirm his beliefs that what conservatism and the Republican Party represent are in the best interests of Black America. Describing the difficult encounters he experienced as a conservative in college, Going Against the Grain discusses issues of race, the calculated campaign of the Democratic Party, the concept of absolutism as pertains to homosexuality, the 2008 Presidential election, and the imperative of the Republican Party to return to its roots. These ideas and topics have caused great controversy among liberal and conservative peers and professors alike, which distinguishes this work as a counterpoint to established thought, regardless of persuasion. Kenneth Bryant Jr. holds a B.A. in Political Science with a minor concentration in African American Studies from Wright State University. As an undergraduate, Mr. Bryant served as Vice President of both Rhode Island College and Wright State University College Republican organizations. In addition, he has participated with university and community-based mentoring programs, namely the Visions Mentoring Program at Wright State and the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Bryant has volunteered for several local, state, and national campaigns. He intends to continue writing.

To purchase a copy click photo above.

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