Get The Book- Shout It OUT: Coming Out Black and Brown

Shout It OUT: Coming Out Black and Brown,” features 21 selections from LGBTQ-identified people of color nationwide. In the book, contributors reveal their personal journeys and struggles with understanding, embracing, and communicating their sexual and/or gender identity. Offering an intimate and unique look into the “coming out” experience, “Shout It OUT: Coming Out Black and Brown” features poetry, narratives, letters and personal reflections. Pieces cover an array of thought provoking topics such as living in the Caribbean as a gay man, coming out as a lesbian Latina revolutionary, being condemned by the Black church, and searching for family acceptance and support. Featuring 21 Selections By: Sheila D. Alcide, Ashon T. Crawley, Chris Amir Dixon, Antonieta Gimeno, Donnell Graves, Darnell Ahmed Lee, Daniel Medina, LaTeisha ‘Tj’ Johnson, Nigel Pamphille, Johnathan Putnam, Asad Rahim, Quincey J. Roberts, SimplyNay, Adrienne M. Thomas, Kevin Vetiac, Leeta White, Jhanea ‘Jha D’ Williams, Justice Roe Williams, Corey Yarbrough

To purchase click photo above.

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