Quick Excerpt: Just Make Him Beautiful by: Mike Warren

Fortunately, my next class was gym and phyne ass Mr. Jamison was filling in for our regular gym teacher who was out sick with the flu. Finally, I was gonna get a chance to see Mr. Jamison in his gym shorts. I walked in the locker room and began changing into my gym clothes when Mr. Jamison walked in the locker room and announced, “Listen up fellas, we’re gonna be swimming today so just put your gym shorts on.”

I am not a swimmer, as a matter of fact; I don’t even remember the last time I went swimming. However, looking at Mr. Jamison with just his swim trunks on and a wind breaker jacket he had open down to his navel, I was willing to be his first drowning victim so he could perform mouth to mouth on me. Ooo Chile, my nerves.

“Ok fellas, I need y’all to form a line right over here,” Mr. Jamison said as we all walked into the pool area. “Now, does anyone know how to tread water?” Several of the boys raised their hand but a few of us didn’t. “Ok, all those who know how to tread water, I want you guys on this side of the pool and those that don’t, I want you on this side of the pool. A’ight fellas, you guys on this side of the pool that can tread, I want you one at a time to swim the length of the pool like this.”

Phyne ass Mr. Jamison then took his jacket off and I almost died. His body was so, OMG. His muscles had muscles and his legs and thighs were that of a Greek God. He didn’t have a 6 pack, he was so tone and tight that he had an 8 pack. He stood at the edge of the pool and dive right in the water. He swam to the other side of the pool, did a back flip and swam back to where we were standing. When he lifted himself out of the pool, I couldn’t believe my eyes, his trunks had come off and I thought I would faint. My knees became weak and I felt myself become arouse. I quickly placed my hands in front of me, so no one would notice.

Mr. Jamison dived back in the water to retrieve his trunks but before he did, I noticed he was seriously packed in the front and in the back. Of course, most of the guys started laughing; I, on the other hand, had visions of Mr. Jamison making love to me in the pool, right then and there. After all, the only other man I had ever been with was my brother and now knowing what phyne ass Mr. Jamison looked like butt naked; I was going to do my best to have him at any cost.

And thinking that things couldn’t get any better in swim class, I would be wrong. Mr. Jamison tried to show those of us who didn’t know how to tread water by holding us up under water as we lay across his arms and splashed our legs around. When it was my turn, I played the helpless victim to the point of pretending I was drowning. Mr. Jamison dived under water and held me in his arms as he brought me to the top. As he grabbed me by my small waist and I held on to him, I was fully erect and I knew he felt it as it rubbed up against his stomach. He just looked at me kinda strange and just smiled. I didn’t understand what that smile meant but I was glad he didn’t make me feel bad or embarrass me in front of the class, you know? From that point on, I was willing to do anything Mr. Jamison asked of me.

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