Get The Book-Exposed by: Gavin ML Fletcher

Exposed by-Gavin M FletcherTy Davis thought he would enjoy a late morning booty call and then take the pictures he was hired to get of a cheating wife. Ty thought it would be a good day. Great sex from a handsome man with a plump ass and a couple thousand dollars in his pocket for little more than an hour of work was the thing of fiction. But instead of catching the cheating spouse he sees something he probably shouldn’t have seen.

Now, men are chasing Ty across the city and he has no idea what they want. Images of men in black and machetes haunt him as he races against time to figure out who is after him. Even with the help of one of Atlanta’s finest and sexiest detectives he wonders if he’ll survive until the end of the week or face the fate of the man he thinks he saw murdered. The web of lies and deception is complex and Ty has little time to unravel the mystery. But he has to, his life depends on it.


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