Between The Lines- Help Kevin E. Taylor Choose His Next Novel to Publish in 2013


HOW COULD THEY EVER MEET? WHAT WOULD HAVE EVER BROUGHT THEIR WORLDS AND THEIR PATHS TOGETHER?Thatʼs what Samuel Stephens and Danny Patel are thinking when they find themselves in love and in a pickle about how to introduce each other to their conservative African-American and Indian families.After they met during their daily commute from the suburbs into the big city, Danny and Sam hit it off and find themselves becoming fast friends and then much more than that. But what do they do when they have a choice to make that could move them both up the corporate ladder and closer to the lives theyʼve been dreaming about, but away from their families where each is the proud son who is the first to do everything, including come out of the closet?How do you follow your own heart when it forces you to break…TRADITION?

Momma, Please!

Matthew Jenkins is handsome beyond words. He got that from his father, whoMomma, Please! barely left him anything else when he ran off with the woman who would destroy his life and his motherʼs heart. Matthew tries to succeed in life but he canʼt seem to find the right fit. Heʼs having that problem in the rest of his life too, if heʼs being really honest.

But his mother, Ms. Delilah, has decided that sheʼs had enough of her sonʼs sad and simple choices. She may not be able to tell him where to work, but she can surely help her son find the husband of his dreams. But what will the other church ladies have to say when Sister Delilah outs (knowingly and unknowingly at times) their sons, grandsons, community leaders, businessmen and doctors, all in the maternal matrimony quest that sheʼs embarking upon to find her Matthew the right man?!
MOMMA PLEASE is playful, insightful and has a church “showdown” thatʼs been brewing in the community for years!

Meet The Hendersons by-Kevin E. TaylorMeet The Hendersons

Thurston and Seymour Henderson met when they both enlisted into the Army and fate, and sharing the same last name, placed them beside each other.

Some 40 years later, cancer has them holding hands at a hospital bedside for what could be the last time!

Oh, what times they have shared.

Journey through a story that rarely gets told: mature love thatʼs stood the test of time. Find out what took both Thurston and Seymour to the military and what almost kept them apart. Discover how they endured through 40 years and losing nearly as many friends from AIDS and now age. They were on the frontline at Stonewall and they still lived a private life before we could share public love. How did they make it? What kept them going?
Itʼs time to Meet the Hendersons!

Wine and Cheese

Wine & Cheese

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