Between The Lines: Poet Brandon Wallace Has Died

Brandon WallaceI can’t stop crying. My heart immediately began to sank when I read that Brandon Wallace died this morning. How could this happen to someone so kind, so sweet , full of life and potential with a very bright future? But it is know secret that he has been in the hospital for almost a month and everyone was hoping and praying he would get better. I guess God had other plans and needed another poet angel. Brandon was 34 years old.


Also here is a interview we did with Brandon last year about his first book Shadows and Lights. Click Here to read.


  1. I’m actually a very close friend of Brandon’s and thank you for your kind tribute. I just wanted to make one small correction: Brandon was actually only 32 and had just had his 32nd birthday on December 22nd while he was in the hospital. He had been mostly unconscious since he was admitted on December 17th.

    He last left a whole in my heart that will never be filled. Brandon was the most brilliant, kind, gentle, ineffable, unique, and unforgettable person I’ve ever had the privilege of not only knowing but also calling my friend. Peace be with you as you mourn his loss with all of us who knew him. His mother Wanda in particular is absolutely stricken with grief. Please pray or send positive thoughts to her as she finds a way to deal with something no one should have to do: burying her baby.


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