Poetic License: LIFE IS NOT CHEAP- a poems beginning

Cover Spring 2013-2Life is not cheap
I have been paying for mine since
blood and bone and a bed
of water engulfed me. Been work and hew
through rock through ignorance through
to sun and moon. Even
when it’s good and righteous
i’ts work. Even
a well made bed, gets messed
after sleep.
My mama had to work
first pushing out eight
then feeding eight
then loving eight
laying out her ley lines
aligning her paths
so once we crawled out
from under her skin
we would know the way
back to the miraculous.
Being a saint aint easy.
When my daughter goes out
I send a prayer
My brothers and sisters
get a tear of peace. it sits
on my cheek an annointing.
Written by:Stewart Shaw

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