Poetic License: Pain-Ted Emotions

Pain-Ted EmotionAm I to love you always and forever….
My dear poetry why have you pierced my soul with your beauty?
Why have you cursed me with your pain and heartache?
Oh dear poetry I love thee please never leave me!
A tortured love affair between poetry an me….
I feel that the hold is to strong for me so instead I embrace thee
Poetry that is she and poetry she is me……
The words whirlwind inside my mind ….
Music sending me into a poetic world one so addictive to my soul…
Letters grasp my spirit an implode threw my heart piercing each brain cells with electrical charges that intoxicate me…
Paragraphs of beautiful words are painted on my paper with the blood of my veins….
I have became apart of her (Poetry).. The pain,lust,love and joy of her …
I have become poetry’s Pain-Ted Emotions on display for all to see I am poetry’s Graffiti….

Poem by: TheProverbial PoeticLyracist Jfk

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