Between The Lines: ‘Harlem Boyz’ Gets Autumn 2013 Release

Armani Williams“Harlem Boyz”  the next release from Author Armani Williams (“Scandalicious”) and the first on his new publishing company, JERZEE BOY PUBLICATIONS. It follows the lives of four gay black men who live and thrive in Harlem, NY.

Damon White (31) is a successful real estate agent who owns a fabulous brownstone on Harlem’s west side, drives a range rover, and dresses in the flyest of clothes and shoes. He’s good-looking, holds a degree from NYU, and is lonely in his big old house. Most recently he was in love with a man whom after dating him for nearly a year he found out was married. He also struggles to reconnect with his gravely ill father who banished him from his life years ago. Can Damon forgive his father? Will he go back to the married lover who deceived him?

Shawn Jones (30) is an NYU/Columbia University educated high school English teacher. He is madly in love with his R&B singer/songwriter boyfriend. Together they share a cozy apartment in the Saint Nicholas park section of Harlem. But when trouble in paradise strikes, Shawn suddenly finds himself flying solo. Emotions run high as he struggles to rediscover who he is as a single man outside of his fruitful career and relationship. Can Shawn make it alone or give into co-dependency and depression?

Kevin Malone (31) is a graduate of City College of NY. He is associate director of financial aid of his Alma mater. He’s content with his single life until he meets a wealthy, young, handsome adjunct professor on campus. He wines and dines Kevin and turns his life upside down with his special affections. But he has a secret that threatens Kevin’s very existence. Without warning Kevin finds himself embroiled in the professor’s secret and doesn’t know where to turn. Will he tell his friends before it’s too late? Or will he suffer in silence?

Malcolm Brown AKA BLACK (26) is a 6’6″ dark chocolate complexioned man with a movie star smile, super spinning waves, a big toned muscular physique, cool NYC swag, and a deep bass heavy voice. He oozes sex appeal and charm and he knows it. It’s how he’s bedded any and every man he’s ever wanted. The son of a single mother, Malcolm is a handsome security guard who turns every head. But now he’s met his match and is caught way off guard. Will Malcolm’s free-spirited ways keep him out of the relationship that will turn him from boy to man? Or will he stay guarded and be the avoidance of love?

Together these four men have a brotherly bond as best friends who share everything and live and love together. Set to the fast, pulsating, and infectious beat of New York City, “Harlem Boyz” is a heartwarming, hilarious, sexy story about 4 men living their truths and embracing their freedom.

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