Book Attraction- What’s A Love Without Tragedy by: Markus Cortez

What's a Love Without Tragedy by Markus CortezOnce inside of Giovanni’s office, Fatuma sat down on the cherry oak desk as Giovanni closed the door.

“Fatuma, I’m—.” Giovanni turned around and stopped mid-sentence as Fatuma spread her legs as wide as they could and flashed her hairless pussy. The puffy mocha-chocolate “lips” that he loved to smack repeatedly with his thick eight inch dick hypnotized him, and it took everything in him to stay on task.

Loosening his tie and wiping the perspiration that suddenly formed on his forehead, Giovanni coughed and continued on with his speech. “Look Fatuma, I didn’t call you in here for this. I—.”

“Are you sure about that?” Fatuma asked, interrupting Giovanni. She spread her lower lips apart, revealing the pinkness of her sticky sweet and smiled wickedly; the formed tent in his khaki pants didn’t go unnoticed. She wanted to fuck with him so more, so she slipped a finger inside of herself and moaned in pleasure as she invaded her own privacy. Every time she was in Giovanni’s presence, she immediately got moist. The thought of the love they once made before in that same exact spot excited her even more. Also how he tickled her clitoris with his tamed beard, and suckled on her love box with his full, juicy pink lips.

Giovanni closed his eyes and tried to annihilate the image in his head, but to no avail. Fatuma’s whimpering and moaning didn’t help neither. “Fatuma, we need to talk about what happened a few minutes ago.”

“The only things that needs to be talking is your cock and my kitten,” she purred.

“Dammit Fatuma, we gotta talk or your ass is gonna get put out of the movie.”

That did the trick. Fatuma’s finger was out of her pussy quicker than a cockroach trying to hide once you turned on the light. She lifted herself off the desk to where she was sitting on it again, and stared Giovanni down.

“What the fuck do you mean you’re gonna put me out of the movie?”
“Now that I got your attention—.”

Fatuma swatted into the air. “Fuck all that bullshit. Did you just threaten to fire me?”

Giovanni sighed and placed his hands inside his pants pockets. “You’re doing too much, Fatuma. You can’t keep creating havoc in every production that we do.”

“That faggot came for me so I was about to go for his jugular.”
Giovanni shook his head. “You insulted him first.”

Fatuma shook her head. “No, no, no. His kiss insulted me. I know plenty of gay men that can kiss their ass off and he isn’t one of them. Isn’t it your business to make sure all of the actors and actresses know how to kiss?”

“No, but you get paid to act like it’s the best kiss you ever had.”
Fatuma gasped as Giovanni took his hands out of his pocket and the sun hitting his Rolex almost blinded her. “Are we done with this conversation?” Fatuma hopped off the desk. “I have better things to do than waste my time talking about something irrelevant. Let’s get back to work.”

“You must’ve forgotten that this is my movie, and I hired you, not the other way around. I’m the reason why you’re the most sought after actress out right now. I molded you into the international vixen that you are today. Remember that before you try to call the shots again on my shit.” Done with the conversation, Giovanni turned to open the office door so they could continue filming.

Fatuma stood in her spot stunned. She couldn’t believe that Giovanni went there with her and tried to make it seem like she needed him, or needed to thank him for her success. If he wanted to play that game, it was time for her to pitch.

Before Giovanni could step out the door, Fatuma slammed the door shut and turned him around so he could face her. With her left index finger pointed in his face she said, “Don’t you dare turn this around on me. I don’t fucking need you. Get that shit straight. Yes, your movie was the first film I’ve ever been. I’ve shown my gratitude countless of times while I was sucking your dick and fulfilling all of your ratchet ass fantasies. But you seem to have forgotten that you wasn’t shit before I got in the picture. You was nothing but a director with failed straight-to-video movies until I came along and helped you go the big screen and win your first Oscar and Golden Globe. Now remember that bullshit the next time you wanna throw your pathetic achievement in my face.” With that she exited his office and left the set, not caring that they had another scene to shoot.

Release: Summer 2013

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