Excerpt- Rebellious by: Kyeon TreVon

REBELLIOUS by-K'Yeon TrevonPssst Pssst Pssst …

Smoke drifted from the open end of the silencer. The lifeless body lying in front of Benjamin sent a sinister smile to his pink full lips. He had just ended a life and felt no remorse behind it. His heart thumped erratically against his chest, yet he still felt calm. The feeling of what he had just done sent a surge through out his body that he never wanted to forget.
Benjamin was almost in a trance like state as he continued to eye the dead body that lay before him, but was quickly brought back to reality when he felt someone press up against his body and wrap their arms around his slender frame.

“How did that feel?” His partner in crime, Clyde asked him as he pressed his body into Benjamin’s, and clasped his right hand around Benjamin’s. Clyde had been the back bone that Benjamin needed during the heinous act and when Benjamin felt like he couldn’t go through with the deed Clyde had been right their to help him along the way. He was the lone reason behind Benjamin pulling the trigger and ending the life of the women who now lay in front of them; the women whom for so long he considered to be his mother.

It had been Clyde who planted the idea for the both of them to march over to Benjamin’s former home and rid him of his problem that haunted him for years; that tormented, taunted, and practically ripped him from his former true being. Benjamin, who had been wired out of his mind, was all for it. He hadn’t seen a reason for her, Belle Addison, his mother; to keep on living after all the hideous shit she has put him through coming up. So there they were standing in the middle of the room with Benjamin’s mothers dead corpse lying on the floor. Blood poured from the dime size hole resting in the middle of her forehead and the two holes sitting in the middle of her chest. All of which were now pouring like waterfalls and pooling around her figure and soaking into the dingy beige carpet.

Release: June 22, 2013

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