SGL BookLovers Releases For 4/1/2013

Nicki Minaj; Hip Pop Moments 4 Life by-Isoul Harris

Nicki Minaj: Hip Pop Moments 4 Life by: Isoul Harris

From her outrageous outfits to her private life, this is the Mick Minaj manual: everything any fan would want and need to know. From humble beginnings in Trinidad to being snapped up by hip-hop king Lil Wayne in New York, Nicki has defied the odds and become a global superstar.

This essential book tells you exactly how she reached the heights of fame, featuring an amazing blend of vibrant images and exclusive interviews with industry insiders.

Packed with never-before published quotes, shocking trivia, beautiful photographs and juicy facts, this is the must-have book for all fans of this iconic star.

Undercover Lies by-Braford TurnerUndercover Lies by: Anderecco
Undercover Lies is an intricate tale of love lost and found through the intertwining lives of four engaging characters all in pursuit of love, happiness and success.

This riveting page-turner is embedded with dilemmas of self-discovery, friendship and deception. Be prepared to embrace each character’s hardships, walk with them as they battle demons, journey with them as they rediscover themselves and celebrate with them as they learn the true meaning of love.

Jacob and Dennis, two that have decided to make a life together until one is caught in a situation that may lead to an ultimate end.

Ian and Jeremy, a fresh new marriage that is tested by Eric, who is determined to get what he wants at any cost.

Monique, starting a new life which turns out to be an old one.

These individuals will take their biggest chance on finding something that’s eluded them for far too long—true love. But will what they discover during their quests be a truth that sets them free or a truth that takes no prisoners? Only time will tell…

Hell hath no fury…

Torn by-Braford TurnerTorn by: Anderecco
In Torn, AnDerecco takes us into Junction High School in Jackson, Mississippi where we look into the lives of Demarcus Slaughter, Keira Garcia, Zeshawn Bracey, and Cameron Lawson.

Four lives are about to intersect in romance and scandal. At the heart of the novel is: Demarcus, an All American ball player, Keira, coping with the lost of her mother, Zeshawn, a gay student that is secure in who he is, and Cameron, a spoiled young man that is very carefree.

All of these characters face the challenge of keeping the faith–in themselves. While AnDerecco’s heartfelt storytelling reveals how the love of family can help one to face the terrible legacy of long-held secrets. Throughout these characters’ search for self-knowledge.

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