SGL BookLovers Releases For 4/2/2013

Don't Ask My Neighbor by-Kristofer ClarkeIf you love the woman she is, don’t ask about the woman she was….

Samantha Wells has loved and honored, but what she did best was betray. Her final act brings her face to face with Ryle Lucas. She came into his life, not once, but twice, and like she did his and the lives of many after him, she left them wondering how or why they had succumb to her-allowing her beauty to blind them to the evil ways she had so eloquently crafted. She treated the men who came into her life like welcome mat at her front door. She displayed her good girl image to get what she wanted, and then played dirty when what she wanted no longer included them. Now with her sights on eligible bachelor and successful attorney J.B. Graybourne, Samantha, who had seemingly buried her checkered past, must try to keep the truth from destroying the life she thinks she deserves. She is ready to shelve her bad girl image for good, but one woman, and Samantha’s colorful past, stands in her way of her happily ever after. Samantha might not be only good girl gone bad, and her fate may no longer be in her own hands.

Jelani Graybourne has his reasons for leading the single, bachelor life. The last time he allowed someone to take him off the market, he was left standing with his heart in his hand, and a bag of lies to sift through. Since then, he took a vow he’s been able to stick to, never letting another disrupt his life. Then he met Samantha Wells. After letting his guard down, Jelani found himself poised to make another trip to holy matrimony, until the enigma that is Samantha began to unravel before him. With her lies surfacing, Jelani is willing to give Samantha an out, but what he knows might not be the root of her evils. Is Samantha’s world with Jelani about to end, or will he allow her to conceal her deceptions and achieve her ultimate goal?

Release: 4/2/2013

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