Book Excerpt-Dope Boy Magic by:Gavin ML Fletcher

Dope Boy Magic by-Gavin ML Fletcher…Lovemaking R&B music played softly in the room. Candles were lit all over the room. I wasn’t against romancing a female but I needed Jasmine to understand that I wanted more than to taste her pussy.

“Take your clothes off,” I said after I pulled my shirt off.

“Yes, daddy,” Jasmine purred.
She leaned back and pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. I reached up and pulled the thin silk cloth from her flesh. I eased in the bed between her thighs and kissed the soft insides of her legs. My tongue flickered over her flesh. I sucked at her dark chocolate skin, forcing moans to vibrate from her body. My dick was on brick from how her body was responding to me.

She clawed at my back as I came up and bit gently at her neck. I gripped her ass firmly with my right hand and held her slim waist with the other. Her legs wrapped around my torso like a vice grip. The wetness of her pussy had my dick wet just rubbing against it. I looked down and saw the slick, pearl colored juices lathering up on my pole as I grinded into her. I reached down and placed the tip of my dick at her pussy lips. I looked up in her face.
“You ready for this dick, girl?”

She bit her bottom lip and nodded. Slowly, I pressed forward. Her walls clenching with every inch of my dick pressing inside her. Jasmine’s back arched. The palm of her hand pushed at my chest as her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. Only half my length was inside her and she was clawing at my chest. I paused for a second and let her get used to my thickness.

I smiled on the inside. I knew she thought the dick was good. Her pussy was too wet for her to say stop and she couldn’t just take all of me in one stroke. I eased back about an inch and pressed more of my manhood inside of her.

“Fuck, Daddy,” she moaned. “That dick is thick as shit.”

“I got you baby girl,” I assured her. “I won’t hurt you.”
She nodded and eased her legs gripping my torso and retracted her nails from my flesh. I stroked slowly, in and out until my balls smacked against her pussy lips. I fucked her slow. Then I fucked her fast. I put Jasmine on her stomach and pounded away. I even made her bounce on my dick. We fucked for an hour and I couldn’t cum. She nutted four times.

“Baby, I can’t keep going,” Jasmine finally said.

I nodded and pulled my still rock hard meat from her beaten pussy. I knew I put it down but the fact that I could get a release and nutt nagged at me. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Jasmine slipped in the shower, grinning at me the whole time. I wiped my dick off and got dressed as quickly as possible. I was out the door before Jasmine could even ask me to stay and cuddle on some boo type shit. I wasn’t going for it.

I sat in my car and rolled up the rest of the weed I had from earlier. It was enough for two more thick ass blunts. Why I didn’t nutt while fucking Jasmine pulled at my mind the whole time. The pussy was good. She was wet and tight as fuck. My dick was on brick the whole time.

At first I thought that because I had busted twice that day I couldn’t catch one but I’d busted three, sometimes four nuts on a slow night when I was horny. The shit wasn’t adding up. My balls still tingled for release. I needed to fuck something. Maybe something a bit less soft. I revved up the car and headed downtown, straight for the hoe strolls.

By the time I made it to the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina I’d sparked up my forth blunt. I was high as fuck riding through the city but I wasn’t too high to spot the nasty bitches from a mile away. Most of the broads working the corners looked coked out or just nasty as fuck. Half the bitches made me want to throw up when they came to the car.

After about an hour of looking around I pulled on the corner of a strip club. It was almost four in the morning and I knew some of the females that worked the pole would be heading out. I sparked up another Kush filled blunt and waiting.
By the time I smoked through half the spliff I spotted a slim, fat ass yellow chick leaving the club. I found exactly what I wanted. I hoped out the car and moved to the curb, leaning against my whip. I was posing like a motherfucker.

The broad saw me when she got about six cars away. She grinned and averted her eyes but I saw her scoping me out. I grabbed my dick through my jeans and flexed my chest through my wife beater. She slowed down.

“Wassup ma,” I asked. I puffed on my blunt. “You smoke?”

She stopped and looked at me, sizing me up. I held the blunt out towards her. She came over and took a few pulls. She didn’t waste time and try to butter me up. She stated her prices and we were in the back alley in less than ten minutes.

Her head game was on point and her pussy was sloppy wet. I fucked the shit out of her for a good thirty minutes. Her shit got dry and she said she needed some lube. I ended up telling her it was cool and just paid her. Busting a nutt seemed impossible.

I hoped back in my car and kept driving around. After a while I noticed that all the chicks on the corners were starting to look a little manly. I was certain some of them were trannies or men in dresses. I wasn’t fucking with no drag queens or niggas with fake pussies. I was about to pull off and head back to the trap house to see what them niggas was doing and get some more weed until I spotted a yellow swole looking cat sitting at the bus stop. I pulled up on the curb across the street and sparked my last blunt.

He didn’t look like he was going to work. He wasn’t dressed for it. He was sitting there, eyeballing my car. I wasn’t too worried; my shit was too tinted for him to see me. I didn’t give it too much thought but I something in me pushed me to roll down my window. The nigga stood up and headed my way as soon as I did.

“What up nigga,” he said.

I nodded wassup and looked him up and down. He had tats all over his muscular arms and the part of his chest that wasn’t covered by his black tank top. His goatee was long and stringy. He had a fresh edge up that outlined the dreads that draped over his shoulder. He reminded me of one of the niggas that be up in the neighborhood trying to come up. There was a hunger in his face that I recognized. I remembered when I had that same look when me and DeQuan first started running the corners.

He grabbed his dick and frowned at me. “So what’s good, nigga?”

I motioned my head. “Get in.”
The tatted cat got in the car. He looked at me and said, “Dre.”

I just nodded and passed him the blunt. I wasn’t bout to tell that nigga my name. I turned up the radio and just drove. I drove to a spot that I knew would be quiet and deserted. I wasn’t sure what I wanted from ol’ boy but we was in the car already and pulling up to the spot by the time I even considered what the fuck I was doing. I parked, turned off the car and stepped out to the back of the car with the blunt in my hand. Dre followed behind me.

“So what you trying to do my nig?” He asked.

I shrugged and puffed on the blunt a few times and passed it to him. He took a few pulls and passed it back. He went to his knees in front of me and started undoing my pants. Before he could unzip my shit I reached down and stopped him.

“Naw man,” I said.

Dre stood up and looked at me like he was confused. I pulled at the blunt until only a roach was left. I flicked it away and looked the man in the eyes. I looked him up and down and held his solid gaze again. The tension in his face eased. Understanding covered his face even though I still wasn’t sure what the fuck I’d gotten myself into.

“You sure about this, nigga?” He asked.

I looked away. Dre stepped closer to me. I felt his breath on my face. The urge to push the shit out his ass and fuck him up rushed over my body. My fist balled. Before I give into my instinct and strike, I could feel something hard and long press against my leg. I closed my eyes and unclench my fists. A loud sigh rushed from my body along with all the apprehension and tension I felt. It wasn’t like me to not be in control but I just let go.

“Get on your knees, nigga,” Dre commanded.

So many thoughts ran through my head. Disbelief at what the fuck I was about to do was the most prominent. I hung my head and then looked up at Dre in the eyes. He was a few inches taller than me. He licked his lips and held my gaze. As if reading my mind, he gripped my shoulder and pushed me down to my knees. He unfastened his black cargo jeans and let them drop to the ground. His dick pressed against the fabric of his boxers. The sight of his engorged manhood made my heart race.

Before I could do anything, Dre gripped the back of my head with his massive hand and pressed my face into his groin. A wave of lust took over my body. I hated how having this niggas musty dick in my face had me hard within seconds.

Dre pulled at the waistband of his boxers and his thick, red dick sprang free. My mouth watered. The shit I was feeling had me so fucked in the head that I forced myself to not think and just go with it. Dre didn’t give me time to think anyways.

“Suck that dick, nigga,” he growled as he gripped the base of his dick and pushed it against my lips.

I opened my mouth and sucked at the meaty flesh hungrily. Dre stuffed inch after fat inch down my throat until I gagged. But I kept sucking. Spit dribbled from the corners of my mouth. I didn’t give a fuck. I just wanted all of his dick in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough.

“Yes,” he hissed through clenched teeth. “That feels so damn good, little trap boy.”

I felt his dick swell in my mouth, getting harder and harder. Encouraged, I reached up and gripped his heavy balls firmly but gently. I didn’t know what I was doing but figured that I’d do what all the bitches that sucked on my dick had done. So I ran my tongue over the head of Dre’s dick until it was straining against the roof of my mouth. Then I took the length him down my throat until his pubes were nestled against my nose.

“Fuck, nigga,” Dre said. “You got a vicious fucking head game.”

Dre grabbed the back of my neck and my head with his two hands. He tilted my head sideways and began fucking my face. I gripped him by his massive thighs and took the face fucking I hated that I wanted.

Once my mouth got sore I pushed him off of me. I stood up and stared him in the eyes as I shamefully wiped the slob from my mouth. I dropped my hands to my sides and pumped my fist in anger. Part of me wanted to knock the jaw off that faggot nigga. The other part of me was in tune with my throbbing dick in my pants. I needed release and there was only one way that was going to happen…

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