Between The Lines: Azaan Kamau Launches ‘The Nonfiction Authors Association’

Nonfiction Authors Association

Author/Publisher Azaan Kamau launches ‘The Nonfiction Authors Association.’

Press Release:

Introducing the Nonfiction Authors Association
I am beyond excited to announce that the Nonfiction Authors Association launched earlier this month! This is something I’ve been planning for years, and though we haven’t done much promotion yet, we already have over 100 members!

Join NFAA and get a free member profile!

The Nonfiction Authors Association is a community for authors to connect, learn, and exchange ideas. Our primary mission is to help members by providing educational resources and community support for marketing nonfiction books. Book publishing and marketing can be a lonely journey. We aim to make that journey a bit easier by connecting members with industry experts and fellow authors in a supportive environment.

There are two membership options: Basic (free) and Authority ($19/month). All members receive a free online profile, a member badge to feature on your website, and live access to our monthly teleseminars (two events per month featuring publishing industry experts and authors with success stories to share). Authority members receive event recordings, private forum access, marketing homework sent via email each week, and special member discounts.

While most writers’ groups focus on strategies for fiction authors, the Nonfiction Authors Association is tailor made for authors of business, self-development, health, memoir, how-to, and other nonfiction books. The strategies needed for marketing nonfiction are very different from those used to market fiction, children’s books or poetry. Join us to discover the many ways that you can grow your audience and sell more books!

Register and claim your free profile at

P.S. We feature two teleseminars each month and we already have several on the calendar!

June 12, 10am PDT / 1pm EDT – Attorney and literary agent Dana Newman will discuss legal issues for authors (copyrights, trademarks, etc.). Details here…

June 26, 10am PDT / 1pm EDT – Best selling author David Newman will share what he did to land his new book, Do it! Marketing, on the Amazon best seller list BEFORE the book was released! Details here…

All members have complimentary live access to our teleseminar events. Authority members can download the recordings. See all upcoming events here.

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