Book Attraction-Homo Cidal by:Lore

Homo Cidal by-LoreWhen we trust a person who we think are with us forever, to share in our pain, and happiness in due time they remind us that tasty fruits are only seasonal. – Author Unknown
How far would you go to maintain your secret?
After being betrayed by close friends and his own mother, Tony “Tonic” Carter trusted no one. Tonic lives a life of secrecy and leaves no rock unturned to maintain it. After seeing himself on the local news Tonic hits the road. He goes to the DMV where his cousin, drug kingpin Kwame, gives him a job as lieutenant. This sudden promotion doesn’t sit well with everyone in the crew, namely Neil.

Neil has been on Kwame’s team since day one. He works hard to get to the top of the game, but there is always something or someone in his way stunting his come up. Neil was next in line for lieutenant until Tonic’s sudden arrival. Neil’s life becomes consumed with finding out more about Tonic and what he left behind.
In Homocidal, Lore deliver’s lust, betrayal, murder, drama, uncertainty about self, hot sex, and consequences.

Release: Late-Summer 2013

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