{Book Attraction} A Lil Nasty Book by: Ben Harris Jr.

A Lil Nasty Book by-Ben Harris JrHi, my name is Bricilla Webb. I barely finished High School, yet I steer an SL Mercedes and I reside in a swank home located in the city of Las Vegas. I also have an affinity for donning high-end attire. Oh, and did I mention that I am also a best-selling writer of erotica, as well as a clairvoyant and psychic medium?
Despite my beloved grandmother coercing me into giving psychic readings to provide food for the two of us when her gambling compulsion left us penniless, I always knew within myself that charging outrageous sums of money and using my sixth sense to assist the immoral, narcissistic and money-hungry was dead wrong. No Pun intended.
At twenty-four years old, I am now a full-fledged woman who is capable of carving out my own path in life, however unconventional that may be. I have left behind studying palms for personal gain. On rare occasions I have been known to lend my ability to help disheartened, well-meaning individuals. My services are always free and at no time do I ever relay any dreadful forewarnings unless I feel the information is in regards to a situation that the person I am counseling can prevent. This book narrates my dazzling experiences as a psychic and details some of the most shocking and sensual stories that Inspired me to begin writing erotica.
In order to shield the identity of my former clients, I have changed their names and have omitted incriminating specifics that would jeopardize them in any way. If you live your life on the edge then perhaps what I have to say won’t be much of a surprise to you. But if you are a “normal” person, you will be stunned as I shock you with tale after nasty tale.

Release: August 15, 2013

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