{Excerpt} Kind Sir by: Shane Allison

Kind Sir by-Shane AllisonCan tell that Scott’s done some time in the service judging from the high shine coming from his boots. He’s one of the hottest guys working in the library. Next to Chris up in reference of course. Would love to be the meat in between those two white breads. Scott’s got an ass that won’t wait, and blue eyes that go on forever. Or maybe they’re hazel. I can’t be sure. I’ve never had the pleasure of standing that close to the stud. I hate the library. The people smell and the computers are older than Jesus. I can’t get shit done with all the noise and rowdy teenagers that descend upon the place when school lets out. I’m happier than a Telletubby that I decided not to pursue teaching. Shit, they don’t want me in a classroom. I would be in jail for knocking the shit out of some bad ass, baggy pants-wearing kid.

My ticker would skip a beat whenever I saw Scott sitting behind the desk of internet access. He volunteers between 2 and 5 every day. Good thing too, ’cause I can’t stand those other assholes. James, that one legged, gimp, redneck motherfucker is spitfire mean. One time he tried to chase down this boy that flipped him off. You should have seen the way he was rolling his stupid ass around the library in that old wheelchair of his. I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s got ‘Nam written all over his ugly, fat mug. Bet that’s how he lost his leg. Got that bitch blown off. That’s why he’s mean now. And then there’s Doris with her New York nastiness who don’t know how to talk to nobody. I mean, damn the bitch can’t say thank you and you’re welcome every now and then? She needs to go back to New York with that shit. And where in the hell did she get that cheap dye job? I can see her roots. Should have consulted somebody before leaving the house looking like that.

Gotta wait my turn behind four teenage hoodlums. Asses need to pick up a book sometime. Don’t do nothing but play games on the internet. Some of us have actual work to do. Wish my ass had the luxury of sitting around playing video games all day.

I had to use the word processor. I’m three days behind deadline on getting my Vegas noir story in. It pays $200 bucks, so I gotta get my ass in gear.

“Hey Scott, how’s it goin’?” I asked.

“Hey buddy, what’s goin’ on?” Scott spoke low for a guy that’s done some time in the military.

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