{Book Attraction} Hollywood Flames by:Stanley Bennett Clay

Hollywood Flames by-Stanley Bennett ClayDomincan Heat, Book Two While vacationing in the Dominican Republic, handsome Hollywood photographer Jesse met and fell in love with the man of his dreams, Étienne, a gorgeous young bodega worker. After many trials and tribulations, Jesse brought the love of his life home to America, where their hot and steamy romance continues with the same intensity they shared in their island paradise. When Jesse and his actress sister Frankie suggest the photogenic Étie pursue a Hollywood career, the reluctant beauty attracts more attention than he and Jesse bargained for. Hardy Ferrell, a hot and hunky bisexual TV star, is just one of a slew of Hollywood flames eager to get a taste of Tinsel Town’s hottest new boy candy. In spite of Étienne’s steadfastness and loyalty, Jesse’s jealousy soon gets the best of him, threatening to destroy the very thing he wanted most. It takes almost losing the love of his life for Jesse to finally realize that the heart of love is trust.