{Submission} “Cum Just As You Are: Spiritual and Religious Erotica”

Sampson 2Edited by Rev. Melissa L. Smithee

Published by Glover Lane Press


Spirituality, the religious communities in which we practice our faith, and sexuality are inseparable. When used and practiced in life-giving ways, spirituality cracks open our sensual and sexual connections, making sex and relationships saturated with Holy Moments. The same is true with sexuality. When we bring our bodies and sensuality into the realm of theology and faith, we develop understandings of God and Sacred texts that are embodied, allowing our lived lives to inform our Faith.

In this inaugural collection of spiritual and religious erotica published by the distinguished Glover Lane Press, editor Rev. Melissa L. Smithee calls for the voices of spiritual, religious, and sexually diverse individuals to put words to the Holy and Sacred sex we have as persons of Faith. This book will highlight people of faith exploring sexuality as lesbians, gay men, transgender persons, bisexuals, any other identity and heterosexuals. As an Ordained Minister in the Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches who works in Congregational Care, she supports a bold mission to integrate and celebrate spirituality and sexuality through a commitment to provide quality erotica that pertains to Queer lives of Faith. There remains much healing and reconciliation between faith and sex.

A forward to the book by Rev. Rachelle Brown, and Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos, D.Min., will ground selected erotica theologically from both an academic perspective and from a pastoral perspective.

Selected essays for Cum Just As You Are: Spiritual and Religious Erotica will honor the Sacred connection between spirituality, religion and sex. It might include religious settings, language, or figures. Essays that are exploitive or derogatory do not belong in this anthology. It must contribute to a healthy exploration of how Faith and sex complement and enhance each other.

There is a short list of authors, performers, poets and artists who have been invited to contribute erotica from their collection. The rest of the anthology will be filled with submissions from the general public. Cum Just As You Are: Spiritual and Religious Erotica seeks a diverse expression of sexuality and spirituality to be represented by all genders, orientations, socio-economic status, professional status, race and ethnicity, and religious practice, not limited to Christianity.

Cum Just As You Are is seeking submissions of:

Erotica-2500 Words or Less

If selected you may publish as your given name or a pen name.

Submissions should speak to:

-The exploration and experience of spirituality or religion and sex

-The spiritual sexual life of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and more…

-Sexual / Religious scenes that highlight intimacy and healthy behavior

Deadline: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 5pm PST. Please send submissions to Melissa.smithee@yahoo.com

Selection Process:

Erotica submitted by the deadline will be read by a Review Team assembled by the editor which will decide which essays will be included.

All submissions must include:

1. Full contact information including Name (and Pen Name if desired), Address, Email, Phone Number and Web Site (if you have one).

2. Essay should be sent in Times Roman, 12 Point Font with One Inch Margins (NO SPECIAL GRAPHICS, FONTS, ART OR COLORED TEXT ETC).

3. Be 2500 Words or less.

4. Contributors receive complimentary copies and the opportunity to distribute the book and receive full compensation.

For more information visit Glover Lane Press website at http://gloverlanepress.webs.com. Send submissions to Melissa.Smithee@yahoo.com

Thank you and I look forward your submission!

Rev. Melissa L Smithee-Editor

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