{Book Attraction} Affairs of the Heart I by:J.S. Lewis

Affairs of the Heart I by-J.S. LewisWith his writing career booming and his worldwide influence and fan base rapidly expanding; Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Company Executive, J. S. Lewis finds himself at a lonely crossroad. His decision to remain single and sexually abstinent for almost two years to focus entirely on his career seems to be haunting him now that his goals were accomplished, making him lonely and vulnerable.

What should have been a regular night of responding to his fan mail on BGClive.com, the largest LGBT social network online- was a night that will dramatically change his life forever . . .

He strangely found himself speaking to one particular user, Errick; who went by the username “sweetrawdick10,” and had the sexist nude pictures Jay had ever seen. According to his profile, he was 26, 6”1, single, mixed, and lived a few miles away in Atlanta, GA.

The unworldly, lonely Author found himself magnetically attracted to this beautiful, chocolate brown eyes, caramel skinned and devilishly sexy random user who kept persistently planting erotic thought seeds into his mind that he passionately wanted a physical affair with him and despite Jay’s enigmatic reserve and mastery of self-control; he is stunned when he finds himself grappling with his feelings after three weeks of constant, round the clock communication with this random user whose pictures online resembled an angelic pagan deity.

Jay realizes that he couldn’t resist his urges anymore; they were on fire, they were blazing, he craved Errick’s flesh and would break his own rules and do anything to get even one night with him. His two years of suppressed desires could no longer be contained, he wanted this man, and he desperately and passionately desired to hook up with him. He would submit to Errick’s will and explore his own repressed, dark sexual passions.

Errick’s nude pictures, defined body, massive endowment, simplicity of style, compelling warm brown eyes; his smooth skin, charming smile and seductiveness made him heart stopping and irresistible, but little did Jay know that awaiting him behind Errick’s angelic persona, wild erotic desires, singular taste and irresistible internet profile— was a man of many mysteries and secrets . . .

Firstly, feverishly awaiting him was not only a breathtakingly sexy and heartstoppingly beautiful young man but one who considered himself straight but was struggling with his sexuality.

Secondly, Errick found himself immensely, irresistibly and passionately attracted to Jay, too, which was bound to cause severe complications for both parties should they ever embark on an endearing, passionate physical affair.

Conclusively, despite his closeted bisexual desires, Errick was only committedly acting on orders from the Leader of a malevolent criminal gang he recently joined; The Wolfgang. And as ultimate test and rite of passage into the pack; Errick was compelled to use his nude pictures and create a profile to lure Jay into getting kidnapped for the gang to claim a ransom of $1, 000, 000 from Jay’s publishing house, a successful venture that he and his Uncle were joint owners of.

The Wolfgang were a notorious criminal entity wanted by the state of Georgia for a string of kidnappings, multiple armed robberies, rapes, assaults and . . . 12 murders.

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