{Excerpt} Ballers & Bangers (Hoop Dreams) by:Gavin ML Fletcher

Ballers & Bangers (Hoop Dreams) by-Gavin ML FletcherConfusion clouded my thoughts. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Quincy fucked with dudes. He had too many females on his dick all the time. And never would I have thought that I’d see him naked. The only thing more appealing than the long, uncut piece of meat between his legs was the smooth, round ass I saw as he walked back to the bed.

I watched Quincy slip back into the bed and lay on his back. He was more beautiful than I had imagined. Before I saw Damien on the basketball court a few months ago, I had the hugest crush on Quincy. He was my brother’s best friend. The two of them went everywhere. They even fucked girls together. I listened in on them on more than one occasion. And now, the boy was laying on a bed, naked, on his back, stroking his dick.

“Go ahead,” Diablo urged. He slipped his middle finger in my ass and put pressure on my prostate. I gasped at the sudden invasion. “Fuck his mouth like it was some ass.”

I looked over my shoulder at Diablo. His dick was hard as Hell. The lusty grin on his face answered my question before I asked it. “Are you serious?”

He slid his hand from my ass and pushed me at the small of my back towards the bed. I didn’t even look back. I took my dick in my hand and stroked as I approached Quincy and his wide open mouth. My nuts pulled close to my body in anticipation of orgasmic release.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Q?”

“Stop talking and put that dick in my mouth. I know you been wanting to freak with me from the moment you saw me. Don’t fuck it up.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement. Quincy’s head hung over the edge of the bed. I placed the tip of my dick on his lips and slowly stepped forward. I anticipated hitting the back of his throat but inch after inch of my dick slid down his throat until my nuts snuggled up with his nostrils. I was balls deep down his throat.

Quincy reached up with one hand and gripped my ass. He urged me deeper into his throat. I thought I’d reach his gut, how hard he pulled me in. Then he pulled me back. I got the message. Slowly, I rocked my hips back and forth until I hit a steady rhythm and fucked his mouth and throat.

“Oh my fucking, God,” I moaned as I stroked. I clenched my eyes shut and concentrated on not cumming too quickly. “Damn, this shit feels so fucking good.”

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