{New Releases} Week 33

Let the Lover Be by-Sheree L. GreerLet The Lover Be by: Sheree L. Greer
Functional alcoholic Kiana Lewis is looking for a way out. Running away from the memories of her mother’s horrific death and her own dead-end existence, she decides to crash her ex-lover’s New Orleans wedding and put a stop to the whole thing. She arrives in the Big Easy to reclaim her old love, and hopefully, reclaim her own life.

Her plans are disrupted when she meets Genevieve Durand, a seductive and spiritual New Orleans native who challenges Kiana’s skewed sense of resolve and control. Spending time with Genevieve, just like drinking, offers Kiana moments of escape. But unlike the numbing effect of alcohol, the intoxicating Genevieve makes Kiana feel and think about things she’d rather not, like the death of her mother and the destructive ways she uses to cope.

On the brink of losing it all, Kiana must decide if she will reach for the next drink or if she’ll reach beyond herself to finally slay the demons driving her since childhood.
Release: 8/19/14

Crooked Officer by-LoreCrooked Officer by: Lore
Leroy works for one of the most Notorious men in Savannah GA, Massa. Massa runs a tight ship and never settles for excuses. Leroy’s been doing a good job, until one day, on a routine assignment; a drunken Leroy fails to fulfill his obligations. He soon feels the wrath of Massa.

Massa is a modern day slave master who runs the streets of Savannah. He preys on the weak and enslaves them. Because Leroy failed to complete his assignment, Massa preyed on his only son, Lebron; making him pay his father’s debt.

Since a child, Lebron wanted to be one of Savannah’s finest. He worked hard to reach his goal, but things don’t always go as planned, until one day he’s offered a deal he can’t refuse.

Crooked Officer is a different, but entertaining read that will have you climbing the walls for more.
Release: 8/21/14

Bad Religion 2 by-Jaxon GrantBad Religion 2: A Sinner’s Denial by:Jaxon Grant
It’s been three gut-wrenching days since Bryce received that life-changing phone call in Savannah. He has avoided dealing with the situation, but now that his spring break is ending, he has no choice but to attack and face his truth as he heads back to his college apartment in Atlanta.

To Bryce, all of life’s issues are hitting him at once. If dealing with the reality of that phone call wasn’t bad enough, his closest family members are directly and indirectly questioning him about his sexuality. His conscience is eating him alive as a result of the decisions that he’s making. To add insult to injury, his pastor accuses him of something unimaginable. All of this brings Bryce’s internal conflict with God to an all-time high, leaving him at the point of no return—emotionally, mentally and physically.
Release: 8/23/14

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