{2015 New Releases} Week 3: Jan 12-18

Hoop Dreams 3-Court Hustle by BeastHoop Dreams 3: Court Hustle by: Beast
Jay learns very quickly that men like Damien and his brother do more than hustle dudes on the court. After entangling himself with Diablo he finally catches up with his brother and his would be lover, Damien. Only, he finds them in a more than compromising position.

The stakes get higher and higher as Jay tries to navigate what remains between him and Damien. Whether it’s love or lust, Jay has to put his teenage emotions on the shelf while he races to save his brother from the trouble that Diablo is surely going to bring. His hustle has to extend beyond the basketball court.
Release: 1/17/15
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Sexlationships 2-The Gift by LoreSexlationships 2: The Gift by: Lore
After being released from prison Xavier aka X turns over a new leaf. With the help of his ex-boyfriend Frank’s father Lorenzo, he’s hired as a supervisor with a prominent radiology company. He has money in his pockets and everything seems to be going well for him until he slowly began to revert back to his old ways. Sexing everyone that comes across his path, Xavier’s life spiral out of control, but is he able to turn it around again?

Mia, Xavier’s old girlfriend can’t seem to get her life back on track. Mia put all her trust in her man, Xavier and each time he let her down. After losing her children, spending a portion of her life in jail and finding herself doing things she never thought she would ever do, Mia literally began to fight for her life. Can Mia take her life back?

Frank was once an overweight guy who has worked diligently to shed the pounds. With over a hundred pounds loss in fat, Frank regains that weight in a fiancée named Steve. Steve is in this sexlationship to get everything he can. Steve takes full advantage of the situation at hand and uses it to his benefit. How long will Frank be blinded by sex before he sees Steve for who he really is?

Frank’s father and business partner, Lorenzo is all out for himself. He’s the epitome of the word selfish. Every man Lorenzo brings home Lorenzo helps himself to him, until he’s placed in a life altering situation. Can Lorenzo change his ways and become the father Frank always wanted?

Sexlationship is a dramatic story about sex, lies, and betrayal. In Sexlationship nobody is off limits. How will these characters lives change after opening their gifts?
Release: 1/14/15
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F-cking Special - Volume 1 byTyson AnthonyF-cking Special : Volume 1 by:Tyson Anthony
Shane is f-cking special. It’s in his blood. No, the proof of his f-cking special existence is literally in his blood.

Shane meets Brent, Brent invites Shane over, and their night together is interrupted by a mysterious man in a trench coat. Shane is very familiar with the man in the trench coat. He spent the last couple of weeks of his life hiding from the man and years of his life hiding from others like him. Shane is not the only one being hunted, both Brent and his ball of energy roommate Dennis has their own secrets they rather keep tucked away in a very dark space.
Release: 1/17/15
Click the Cover to Purchase.

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