{Excerpt} Life of a College Bandsman by:Jaxon Grant

Life of a College Bandsmen by Jaxon GrantPrologue

I was fourteen when my world changed. I was fourteen when I started to discover the real me—the real Zachariah. That was four, almost five years ago. That’s when I first laid eyes on Tony. He was thirteen.

I was at my mom and stepdad’s house when Tony came over. He was friends with my two stepbrothers, who were eleven and twelve years old.

My stepbrothers spent the weekends with my mom and stepdad—well, my stepdad. My mom didn’t fuck with them like that. That bitch attitude is the worst. Yeah, I called my mom a bitch. Fuck that hoe. I didn’t go over to that house often because I really didn’t care for my mom. I didn’t have a problem with my stepdad and stepbrothers—my issue was with the woman who pushed me out of her pink, sixteen-year-old pussy. Most times I went there, I went because my grandma made me go.

That changed when I met Tony. His parents lived a few houses down from my mom and stepdad. Tony’s parents and my parents went to school together and were good friends. My stepbrothers and Tony already knew each other through sports and because my stepbrothers spent every weekend at my parents. Tony played Pop Warner football; he played basketball for his middle school. He was looking to play football when he got to high school.

The moment Tony and I met, we clicked. I don’t know what it was about Tony, but I just had to be around him. I started going over to my parent’s house more often in hopes that I would see Tony. To my surprise, the more I came over, the more he came over. After a while, he started spending the entire weekend at my parents with my stepbrothers and me. It even progressed to spending the nights.

When we got together, Tony, my stepbrothers and I spent most of our time playing street ball, in addition to playing NBA Live and Madden on the PlayStation. For the most part, my parents left us alone and let us have fun.

My stepdad was in a bowling league. Every Saturday evening my parents left to go bowling. One Saturday while we were playing Madden, my stepdad came into our room and closed the door.

He looked us then said, “I’ve got something for y’all to watch.”

“What’s that, daddy?” my eleven-year-old stepbrother asked, as I paused the game.

My stepdad handed me a tape and said, “I know y’all sneaking and watching it anyway when we’re gone. Now, you don’t have to sneak anymore.”

I looked over to Tony and my two stepbrothers. All of them were speechless. My stepdad opened the door and peeked around the hall. I assumed he was looking for my mother.

He stepped back in the room and whispered, “From now on out I’m gonna leave y’all a tape every Saturday in a special spot. It’ll be on the top corner of the entertainment center in our room. Just wait about fifteen minutes after we’re gone to the bowling alley, then y’all can watch the tape. Make sure you rewind it and put it back in the special spot, ight.”

“Ight…ok,” we said excited, as smiles appeared across our faces.

My stepdad said, “Y’all ‘bout at the age anyway. I was a boy. I know how it goes.”

We were all happy because now we could watch porn without getting in trouble—as long as my mom didn’t find out.

It became routine for the four of us to sit and watch porn. I always positioned myself in a way so I could see everything. I have always been very observant. But on this particular day, in the midst of eyeing the room, I noticed that everyone’s dick was hard by the tent in their shorts. Every time I would gaze at Tony, he would look back at me. There were sexual undertones in his stares. I knew I wanted to do something with him, but I was scared. Besides, I could’ve been tripping. Even if Tony was trying to mess around with me, I knew nothing could happen around my stepbrothers.

One Saturday, about a month after my stepdad gave us permission to watch the tapes, we watched another tape. After we finished watching the new porn, we all headed back to the bedroom to finish our Madden tournament on the PlayStation. Normally, either Tony or I usually win, but surprisingly, we both lost this weekend. While my stepbrothers played for the championship, Tony snuck off into the closet. He stayed in the closet for a few minutes before he eased the bi-fold doors open.

He whispered my name. I looked at him as if he was crazy. He motioned for me to come over to him. I wanted to see which of my brothers was gonna win the championship. The game was getting good. He whispered for me again.

I turned to him and silently mouthed, “For what?”

He didn’t answer verbally, but used his hands to motion me to him. Reluctantly, I eased off the bed and walked over to him. When I stood in front of him, he softly said, “I gotta show you something.”

I turned and looked back to my stepbrothers. Their attention was focused on their game. I looked at Tony and exhaled, “Ok.”

Nervously, I walked into the closet. I didn’t know what to expect. What did he have to show me—in a closet of all places?

As soon as he closed the door, it became pitch black. I whispered, “What you called me in here for, nigga?”

In a hush tone, he said, “Lay down.”

“For what?” I asked, voice raised.

“Shhhhh man, just lay down and stop talking so fucking loud,” he said, as he turned around and looked through the open spaces of the bi-fold door. I could hear my stepbrothers yelling at each other, as their game got more intense.

“Ight,” I said nervously, as I eased myself onto the floor.

He watched my stepbrothers for a few more seconds and then joined me on the floor.

“Why are we laying on the floor in the closet, Tony?”

“Cause,” he replied.

“Cause what?”

He didn’t say anything. His breathing got heavy—kinda like he was nervous. Soon, after I felt his hand touch my hand.

“Why are you touching my hand, Tony?”

He didn’t say a word. He let his hand rest on my hand for a few seconds—that seemed like an eternity. He grabbed my hand and moved it over to his body. He removed his hand. I was nervous, but let my hand remain there. No words were spoken, but I knew what was up. I wasn’t gonna do anything. He was gonna have to take the lead.

Sensing my nervousness, he grabbed my hand, moved it down his body and stopped at the promised land—the top of his basketball shorts. I felt chills throughout my body, as I ran my hands over his developing abs. It’s amazing how defined his body was at thirteen.

No words were spoken as he removed his hand from on top of my hand. My dick was on brick! I wanted to go forward but I didn’t know if this was a game or if he was serious, so I left my hand there.

Tony reached over and sensually licked the side of my neck. I shivered because it made me weak. He did it again. I shivered again. For the third attempt, he gently sucked on my neck. Realizing he was giving me the go ahead, I eased my hand into his basketball shorts. He didn’t have on any boxers.

I felt his pubic hair. I kept going until I felt his dick. It was hard as fuck! That was my first time feeling another dude’s dick. He was young, but he had a body and nice dick to match. That shit was thick.

He reached down and slipped his hands into my baller shorts. He held my dick in his hands. We both just held each other until he started to jack me off. Following his lead, I returned the favor. We drifted off into our own fantasyland for a few minutes, until we were brought back to reality.

We were interrupted when I heard my twelve-year-old stepbrother yell, “Daddy and Ms. Paula home! Y’all better come from outta there!”

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