{2015 New Releases} Week 20: May 11-17

Miss & Mrs. by Desiree DayMiss & Mrs by:Desiree Day
Mya James loves women. She loves petite women, she loves tall women, she loves skinny women and she loves curvy women, she loves tanned women and she loves brown women. Mya. James. Loves. Women. On a trip to her favorite shoe store she meets The Woman, Chloe Underwood. Unfortunately for Mya, Chloe is straight and unbeknownst to Mya, Chloe is keeping a huge secret.

Chloe instantly puts Mya into the friend zone where Mya reluctantly stays, sexually frustrated and all. But everything changes with The Kiss, after which their friendship develops into a passionate sexually-charged relationship.
Unfortunately, as soon as Chloe’s secret is exposed, Mya and Chloe are torn apart.

Almost two years after their breakup, Chloe reaches out to Mya and their reconciliation is explosive. But Chloe is hurt when she learns that Mya is in a relationship. Months later a day before her wedding, Mya runs into Chloe at their favorite shoe store and their meeting leaves Mya questioning her future. On the morning of her wedding, Mya is at a crossroads, she doesn’t know if she wants Chloe or her bride-to-be.
Release: 5/12/15
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The Right Way To Write your Story by Mike WarrenThe Right Way To Write your Story by:Mike Warren
This is a Handbook guide for new authors who want to write a book and tell their story. I will give you insight as to how you start and finish your story as well as publish your own book!

Using these 8 simple steps…How do I write a book?, Word Count, Sample Readers, Finding an Editor, Finding a Graphic Designer
Release: 5/12/15
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One Thing For Certain, Two Things For Sure by Craig StewartOne Thing For Certain, Two Things For Sure: A Memoir continued by:Craig Stewart
One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure reminds us that there are no mistakes or accidents in life—that everything happens as it should. Stewart allows us, the reader, an intimate look into his personal life through stories that center on dating, love, fear, fate and destiny.

Stewart returns with the long awaited sequel, One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure, a memoir continued. His groundbreaking debut memoir, Words Never Spoken transcended race, gender and sexuality. Dubbed a literary piece of artwork, Words Never Spoken gave voice to men and women who are conflicted sexually, and frustrated by the complexities of being gay, bisexual or trans.

“I promised myself years ago that I wouldn’t be the kind of writer who puts out a project because people want to hear more from me. Rather, I’d be the kind of artist that only puts out a work because I have something to say, and I’ve kept that promise. I hope my story, these words, will help navigate the lives of men and women everywhere.” —Craig Stewart
Release: 5/12/15
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Meet Me on the Moon by Mike WarrenMeet Me On The Moon by:Mike Warren
Meet Me On The Moon is about a brotha named, Keith Monroe and he is a die heart romantic. He wants to find love like we all do but he also wants to find that certain person that is just as a romantic soul as he is. Keith takes his journey wondering whether he is gay or straight because as a die heart individual he finds himself falling in love with a female name, Dominique and a man, name Calvin aka Jock. Who will he choose? Why does love have to be so complicated? Keith also learns that he has fathered a daughter. A daughter he had no idea he had until she becomes 9 years of age. Meet Me On The Moon is Keith’s favorite love ballad and he desperately wants to find that person that wants the kind of love that would “Meet Him On The Moon.”
Release: 5/16/15
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F-ucking Special #3 by Tyson AnthonyF-ucking Special #3 by Tyson Anthony
Dennis is fucking lonely, well that was until he met the self-described obsessive and possessive Alton.

While Dennis is putting all his energy into winning Alton’s love, Brent and Shane continue forward on their own to a small town nobody cares about. In hopes of finding a cure to the curse Brent believes he’s plagued by, they discover a lot more than they were expecting and meet an odd woman named Mother Carol with some breathtaking abilities. And finally, we journey back to The Ministry of Very Bad Boys to see what kind of discipline Nurse Queen has been dishing out.
Release: 5/12/15
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Bed of Lies #1 by Tyson AnthonyBed of Lies #1 by Tyson Anthony
For nine years, high school sweethearts Mya and AJ have been sleeping in a bed of lies.

Mya soon learns she’s the only one who can see the truth. While she sees all the signs that her long term boyfriend has been slowly drifting away from her, Mya’s friends and family are just too in awe of the man to believe he could be capable of the actions Mya is accusing him of. No matter how much he’s adored by others, Mya refuses to continue to lay bedside the man who she no longer knows.
Release: 5/12/15
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