{Interview} Kevin E. Taylor on ‘Meet The Hendersons’

Awhile back I spoke with author Kevin E. Taylor about the release of his new novel Meet The Hendersons and here is what transpired. Cleavester: Please give the readers that don’t know you a brief bio on you and your work (i.e. books, preacher, teacher, etc.)  Kevin E. Taylor: I have been writing all of my life but … More {Interview} Kevin E. Taylor on ‘Meet The Hendersons’

Lonnell Williams chats with Author Timothy Michael Carson

Video blogger Lonnell Williams sits down and interview author Timothy Michael Carson who discusses his latest novel, “Love’s Damage.” His personal insight on being gay at Morehouse College, coming out, HIV in the black community, gay marriage, and recovering once your gay lover commits suicide. Lonnell launches his on Book Club with “Love’s Damage”.